How to use BioBizz nutrients? Mr Bloom educates us in South Africa

Want to know how to use BioBizz nutrients effectively? While Mr Bloom from BioBizz was in South Africa, he educated us.

You might have been wondering how to use BioBizz nutrients correctly from seed to harvest to maximize your yield: We asked on your behalf!

Mr Bloom 

Patrick Stevens aka Mr Bloom is the brand ambassador / key account manager for BioBizz worldwide organics and is quite famous under the moniker "Mr Bloom", at least amongst the cannabis growing community globally. ;)

Mr Bloom visited our store in Port Elizabeth and spent time educating us on the Dutch brand BioBizz and how to use the entire range effectively.

Bio Bizz Organic Nutrients: How to use

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Here are some of the informative points that Mr Bloom touches on surrounding BioBizz products:

Root Juice vs Acti-Vera for seed germination

Patrick Stevens discusses the difference between Root Juice and Acti-Vera, why it is so important to use them in the early stages of your plant's life and explains which one to use for different substrates. Damien learns the difference between assimilation vs activation of organic material.

How to use stimulators and fertilizers through your plants' vegetative stage

Mr Bloom explains the benefits of using Bio-Heaven at the early stages of growth as well as the very end of the plants' life.

He touches on the different fertilizers that you would use from the early vegetative stage through to flowering as well as the difference between plant stimulators and fertilisers and how the plants use them.

We learn more about Fish-Mix - How and when to use it, what nutrients it contains, how the plants use it, why it is so beneficial for your substrates micro life and the benefits you can expect from using it.

We discuss the similarities between Fish-Mix and Bio-Grow and Mr Bloom teaches us at which stage of the plants' life we should be using Bio-Grow. The same as Fish-Mix, he details what is in Bio-Grow, it's benefits for the plant as well as your substrates micro life and when to use Bio-Grow during your plants' life cycle.

How to use stimulators and fertilizers through your plants flowering stage

He also chats about the importance of using Bio-Bloom in conjunction with either Bio-Grow or Fish-Mix when going into the flowering period. He teaches us about the natural plant hormone contained in Bio-Bloom and how it increases the plant's yields.

Mr Bloom teaches us about their infamous product called Top-Max. He explains why the combination of Bio-Grow with its 70 trace elements, BioBizz Bio-Bloom and Top Max is considered the 'holy trinity' during the flowering stage. You'll learn about the unique nutrient combinations contained in Top-Max that you won't be able to find in any other product on the market and goes into detail about the roles that each of those nutrients plays.

Damien gets the opportunity to taste the Bio-Heaven to guess what is in it while Mr Bloom discusses it's function at the end of your plants flowering stage. Our Vegan and GMO aware customers will be delighted to hear about the environmentally conscience process that BioBizz goes through while producing Bio-Heaven to ensure it is in line with their stringent standards. We learn about the specific Amino Acids that Bio-Heaven provides and how it assists our plants to take up every last drop of the stimulators and fertilizers that have been supplied to your substrate.

Mr Bloom gives us a breakdown of how the BioBizz Bio-Heaven chelation process works, in a way that all growers can understand. He continues to explain how the product dramatically increases your plants mineral absorption rate. Additionally, how it can cut a few weeks off of your outdoor and indoor cultivation during the fruiting stage.

Download BioBizz Feeding Chart / Feeding schedule

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Taahir - August 20, 2019

hi, ii want to purchase a 250ml bio heaven and 250ml bottle top max. please assist i live in heidevel cape town SA. im searching online but its difficult to get 250ml.

Kishan - May 17, 2019

Can Biobizz be used after 10 years?

Michelle Blerk - May 17, 2019

Do we have to use ALL the Biobizz products in the plants life or do you have an “all-in-one” product ?

Kyle - June 22, 2019


Have you received the the rest of the BioBizz range yet?

Kind regards

GANIEF SOLOMON - November 15, 2018

Which of your brands is good for wilting strawberry plants?
From Ganief

Grow Guru - August 3, 2018

Very soon! Hopefully by Sept/Oct 2018 :)

Henning - July 28, 2018

Hi there,

I would like to know if and when you’ll have the whole product range available.

Best regards

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