Soil VS Hydroponics: Which is Best?

The unceasing debate between soil vs hydroponics is, more often than not, a debate influenced by the location and size of the grow space.

There is no doubt by many professional growers that either technique will get the results you are looking for.  There is no “better” or “best” way to grow your own food, just different ways of doing it.

To break it down a little, here are some pro’s and con’s: Soil VS Hydroponics: Which is Best?


Pro’s to soil growing is soil is more forgiving in the sense that a good healthy soil full of good bacteria and micro organisms can withstand nutrients and water being added in large amount, once per week, without any drawback and without having to tend to it daily.

Organic nutrients in liquid form can also be unstable by the time it reaches the consumer and so granular nutrients can be added to potting mixes pre grow and last the whole 2-4 month growing cycle without adding any additional nutrients.

Cons to soil growing is that the plants metabolize slower in soil as the nutrients are not freely available as in a Hydro set up.

It is also easier to get toxicities such as salt build ups if your amounts of nutrients you are supplementing is too high, if your mix was not correct and had an imbalance in nutrients or if you are not watering regularly enough.


Hydro pro’s include synthetic nutrients designed in specific ratio’s designed for different stages of your plants growth. It is easier to directly add exactly what micro or macro nutrients are required and have a much larger control over the plants nutrients cycles.

Plant growth is much faster as nutrients are available immediately for the roots to take in and any nutrient adjustments are instantly noticed. There is a far more direct relationship between what is in your reservoir and what is going on with your plants health.

To be able to take accurate EC and PH readings in your reservoir allows you to know what is happening currently at your root system. You do not have to wait for the plant to show signs of results if you can accurately check what is happening at the roots.

Cons can also be toxicity, as while your plants are using up water, they also create a salt build up in your reservoir. If you neglect topping up the reservoir and do not check EC and PH regularly this can cause problems.

Hydro can also be less forgiving if you make a mistake with your nutrient calculations and add too much or too little. Fluctuating PH and EC can cause a direct negative result if you are not careful. Consistency is key. (See our article: 8 Keys to Successful Hydroponics)

Whatever you decide we can help you either way with our Organic Nutrients & Organic pesticides that compliment both soil & hydro grows. It clings to the soil and is readily available by the roots to be absorbed over a long period of time. We also have a wide range of mineral based nutrients to choose from.

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