720W COB - Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

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Newly developed 720W COB – Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, the very latest technology in plant lighting. Results have proven that COB LED’s are ideal for every stage of growth, directly replacing traditional HID plant lighting.

  • Produces more than double the amount of luminous efficiency and PAR level compared to MH/HPS.
  • Designed with prism principle lens’s which refract and filter light, improving usable spectral wavelengths.
  • PAR rating of 3270 uMol/s at 300 mm vs 600W HPS 1000-1100 uMol/s at 300 mm.
  • PAR wavelengths of 350-850 nm.
  • Coverage – 0.8 x 0.8 m min – 1.6 x 1.6 m max.
  • 720W power output – 300W power usage.

COB LED horticultural grow lights can achieve optimal light proportion by using the most improved color uniformity and luminous efficiency available. They contain the most favorable spectrum and colour ratios for healthy, rapid plant growth.

Power efficiency - Conventional forms of indoor grow lighting can consume large amounts of electricity and aren’t very power efficient. That is why our COB Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights are most preferred. They have a power output that is capable of producing a superior amount of light without having to draw too much power.

Life Span - COB LED lighting will allow the grower years of trouble free service without having to replace grow lamps. Most LED lights are rated at somewhere around 50,000 theoretical hours of use. For a comparison, traditional HID grow lights tend to last for around 20,000 hours (max) before needing to be replaced.

Colour Spectrum - Natural sunlight produces the entire spectrum of light. When designing COB LED panels, our manufacturers use LED's that provide the color spectrum that is required by plants to grow naturally. Our Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Lights will provide a wide range of far red, red, white, blue and ultraviolet light, producing the best artificial light for photosynthesis possible.

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