Lumii CMH Grow Light 315w

R 2,435.00

Lumii CMH Grow Light 315w

R 2,435.00
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Product description

Lumii Ceramic Discharge Metal-Halide 315w CMH Grow Light is the latest in HID lighting technology, offering low frequency, square wave, soft start technology. The Lumii CDM fixture is a full-spectrum, closest color rendering to the sun that will provide your plants with the best possible spectrum for your home grow or commercial grow. This fixture is suitable for Lumii Grow or Lumii Solar Pro Lamps as well as HPS and Metal Halide Lamps.


This CMH Grow Light Kit includes:

  • 315W CMH Digital Ballast.
  • Reflector Hood.
  • 315W CMH Lamp – Color: 3200K  CRI: ≥85
  • Rope Ratchets.

N.B CMH 315w Lamp is sold separately.


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