Grow Lights

Grow lights for growing indoor in your grow room and grow tent.

HID Grow Lights, CMH Grow Lights, COB LED Lighting -

Some of our high quality Grow Lights offer full spectrum light for optimal plant growth like our LED grow lights & CMH Grow Lights which have the closest colour rendering index to the sun for use in vegetative stage & flowering stage. Additionally, new technology offers high energy savings.

We supply grow lights for small grows, and big grows too.

-Bulbs, replacement parts & accessories for plant lighting in your grow space.

All Grow lights support the correct input voltage and are in original packaging 
If you need to connect multiple lights consider one of our master grow light controllers.
Lights & warranty fulfilled right here in South Africa.
Powerlux Digital Electronic Ballast 600W Plant Lighting Save 59%
R 3,000.00
R 1,225.00

Digital Electronic Ballast 600W


Our Digital Ballast 600W is an energy-efficient, quality ballast. This powerful 600W Digital Ballast eliminates stroboflash, prolongs the life-span...

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R 3,000.00
R 1,225.00
Save 59%