Medium Grow Tent 140 X 140 X 200cm

by Ninja Grow Tents
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R 2,650.00
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Our Medium sized Ninja Grow Tent packed with potential:

  • Reflective Mylar fabric inner surfaces for maximum light efficiency and additional ports should you wish to use air cooled lighting.
  • Strong, steel framework.
  • Durable, light-proof outer fabric with super reflective interior 600D Mylar Fabric, the strongest, most reflective material on the market.
  • Smart compact design.
  • Waterproof and wear resistant.
  • Easy to comfortably maintain & keep clean.
  • Great for cultivating herbs, vegetables or exotic/seasonal fruits all year around.

If you don’t have a room inside your home to allocate entirely to indoor gardening, then our range of quality Ninja Indoor Grow Tents are the perfect solution for you. They give you plenty of room to grow multiple plants in a confined space. Gardening in a grow tent offers several unique advantages to outdoor gardening; there’s fewer pests, it requires less space, its not as messy, and they give you more control over the climate and will have a huge positive impact on your overall yields. Our Ninja Grow Tents are strong, affordable, neat, purpose built and come in a range of sizes to suit your grow area. Simply assemble and install your light fittings, fan setup and the rest of your indoor grow components. Growing plants indoors has never been easier to comfortably maintain!

Recommended Lighting:

  • CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide) 630w Double Ended x 1
  • Gavita Pro Line 600/750e DE Full Kit

Recommended Grow Systems:

  • 6 Pot Dutch Bucket System
  • 6 Pot 10 Gallon Grow Guru Fabric Pots

Recommended Ventilation:

  • HIT In Line Duct Fan 150mm x 1


Similar to popular brands like Secret Jardin, Mars Hydro & Mammoth Tents - Designed for growers in South Africa