Flora Grow Cap

by GrowGuru
R 40.00

Similar to Floraflex, our Flora Grow Caps are perfectly suited to quick drain 6" Rockwool Blocks. Combine these caps with our Octo-Bubbler for the best irrigation solution for this type of hydroponic system setup.

Place the Flora Grow Caps on top of your Pargro Quick Drain 6 Inch Rockwool Blocks and fill the cap with water and nutrients by hand or automate with FloraClips. Each cap comes standard with 2 clips for your irrigation lines.

  • Use 2 FloraClips and tubing (1/4” OD) to automate your feed.
  • Stakes on the bottom add extra stability.
  • Holes in all four corners allow for leftover water drainage.
  • Made from BPA and lead-free plastic.
  • Dishwasher safe, stackable and reusable.