Plant Nutrients/fertilisers, hydroponic nutrients and amendments for all stages of hydroponic plant growth.

Plant nutrition for fragrant flowers, fruits & vegetables in your hydroponic system or organically grown in soil.

We also stock nutrients for soil / organic growers. Nutrients for hydroponics can be used in the soil at half strengths. If you are experiencing a calcium deficiency consider Cal Mag. Cal Mag for plants, as you can imagine contains, high calcium ca content & high magnesium mg content with trace elements that should rectify your nutrient deficiency.

Most of the brands we supply help to provide an optimal nutrient solution together with all essential elements.

Provided in small amounts, these nutrients can enhance plant cell development, cell wall strengthening, extraordinary structure, which can give resilience to pests and disease in grow bloom growing phases.

If you are growing in soil try an organic nutrient.

Always check you ph levels before feeding your plants.

Some leading nutrient brands we supply are:

BioBizz, General Hydroponics, Green House Seed Co & more

We offer advanced nutrients designed to provide growing success, Express delivered to your door in South Africa

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