Air Cooled Reflector 6"

by GrowGuru
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Air Cooled Reflectors are great for your grow room or grow tent needs where heat is an issue. With hinged, tempered glass, this air cooled reflector allows ‘closer to the plant’ growing through it's unique design which allows the hot air produced by the lamp to pass through a 6″ flange at the rear of the lamp holder and straight out of the environment. Ideal in a multiple reflector in-line ducted system.

  • Stronger, more robust glass fixing method.
  • Easy, clean hinged glass design and upgraded glass.
  • Size: 559 x 385 x 190mm
  • Body: Steel with white powder coating & tempered glass.
  • Built-in 6" flange.
  • Highly reflective aluminum.
  • 15FT power cord #16/3C ST 600V, with 3Pin Plug.
  • E39/E40, 5KV, 600V, 1500W, lamp holder.
  • Accepts: High Pressure Sodium & Metal Halide 400W, 600W, 1000W

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