Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Digital Ballast 1000W

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Ceramic Metal Halide Digital Ballast 1000W is the latest in HID lighting technology!

  • CMH/MH/HPS – Digital Ballast 1000W.
  • Low frequency, square wave, soft start technology.
  • IR dimmable functionality – 600W – 630W – 860W – 1000W.
  • IR remote to be purchased separately (one remote can operate more than one ballast).

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  • Next-generation smart digital control light source ignition technology with ignition distance of up to 20 meters.
  • Using high-performance special lighting CPU control technology, intelligent light source management adjusts the best luminous flux and electricity consumption in real time.
  • Smart digital ignition energy control technology, it can prevent the damage of the light source, and extend the lamps life.
  • Smart digital lamp startup control technology with high-precision digital control lamp startup current. It can control the light attenuation and life of the lamp.
  • Smart digital lamp protection technology with high stability of lamp current control, dynamic lamp power control, smart lamp auto-adapt light attenuation control allowing the lamp to work up to 5 years.
  • High reliability digital driver circuit. It offers smart, high sensitivity anti-thunder, open circuit, short circuit, over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection technology.
  • Efficiency: > 91% , high performance APFC circuit with a power factor of up to 0.99, THD<6%, efficient green energy conservation and environmental protection.
  • Using the most sophisticated R&D and production process, with high outdoor quality standards.
  • Working light source: Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Quartz Metal Halide (QMH).
  • Multi-voltage input (120V / 208V / 240V).
  • Smart infrared remote control dimmer - remembers when to power off and can control the output power: 1000W, 860W, 630W, 600W, 0W (power off).
  • With 0-10V standard interface input, convenient access control systems to control and adjustable power range: 600W-1000W.

1. Product Specifications:

Product Type


AC input voltage

120V AC/208V AC/240V AC,50/60HZ

AC inrush currentMax)

Cold start 80A/230VAC

Rated Power


Line Current

5.04A@208V AC,1.42A@240V AC

Light Decay Control attenuation




Operating Frequency


Trigger voltage




Ballast power dissipation


Scalable communication interface

010V Infrared remote control interface

2. Protection:

Open or short circuit protection

Automatic shutdown, troubleshooting to resume operation

Hot start protection

If ignition fails it will try to ignite 3 times in a minute.
If ignition is still unsuccessful it will try ignite a further 3 times for the next 10 minutes.
If ignition is still unsuccessful it will automatically shutdown.

Over-temperature protection

Set limit temperature, lower power protection

Lightning Protection

L-N:5KV;  L-PE:5KV;  N-PE:5KV

3. Temperature:

Operating temperature


Operating humidity


Storage temperaturehumidity


4. Burn-in:
The power should burn-in at least 4 hours under full load condition and ambient temperature of 40℃±5℃.

5. Life:
Under rated ambient temperature of 45 ℃  and 220Vac input conditions, the theoretical life
expectancy is above 50,000 hours.

6. Waterproof:
IP64 Standard.

7. ROHS:
Meet ROHS Standard.