Grow Guru Fabric Pots

We are pleased to present our new range of Grow Guru Fabric Pots!

Sometimes referred to as smart pots in some regions.

Our fabric pots come in at ridiculously good prices.and are available in a range of sizes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Plants grow faster in smart pots or air pots (especially in the vegetative stage), in part because plant roots get plenty of access to oxygen
  • They are much healthier for your plants than hard-sided pots and allow the roots to breathe
  • Prevents root strangulation and root rot
  • They help to save water as it is virtually impossible to over water
  • Can be washed and reused grow after grow
  • Their round, flat bottom means your plants stand firmly up right
  • You can expect an increased up-take of nutrients due to oxygen always being present at the root zone

Our Classic fabric pots are made of high quality, durable fabric that won’t harm you or your plants.

Enjoy all the benefits of a breathable soft-sided pot and the durability that Grow Guru Fabric Pots provide.GrowGuru Logo 3-min

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