Hydroponic Nutrients

We are distributors of top quality indoor, outdoor & greenhouse hydroponic nutrient fertilizers in South Africa.

Whether you’re growing herbs, vegetables or your favourite flowers,  the concentrated liquid plant food we offer give your plants all the nourishment they need to grow and flourish.

The nutrients that we supply and distribute can be used in a wide range of hydro applications such as:

Drip Systems
Ebb Flow (Flood and Drain)
NFT (Nutrient Film Technique)
Drain to Waste
Water Culture
Wick systems and more.

In our organic nutrient range we offer Bio Bizz – Grow, Bloom & Fish Mix – World wide industry leading dutch quality nutrients. As all the products are organic, they can be used without any collateral side effects to everyone’s satisfaction. Proven to deliver great results!

In our chemical nutrient range we offer Green House Seed Co.’s Powder Feeding

Shop Online for Hydroponic Nutrients: www.growguru.co.za

We deliver country wide.


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