New Demo Display Poly Tunnel erected at Grow Guru

Our new demo/display Polythene Tunnel Greenhouse has been erected here at our physical premises and ready to crank out a substantial amount of fresh produce on a monthly basis.

Hydroponics is simple and is by far superior to all other soil based growing methods. Don’t allow people to negatively influence or deter you from getting involved in hydro with stories of difficulty. With the right tools and advice its as easy as pie.

At Grow Guru :

  • Learn how you can make a consistent income with home or commercial hydroponics
  • Learn to Grow your own vegetables – Eat FRESH, Eat & Live HEALTHIER, Eat GMO-FREE, Live ORGANIC!
  • Expand your hobby base skill set

Come and experience the wonders of indoor & outdoor hydroponics at Grow Guru – Learn how to make a consistent income in small grow space.

We provide Hydroponic Garden Installation and Maintenance for home and commercial applications

We at Grow Guru offer turn-key operations to unlock new value in your life thats FUN for parents and their children, whilst remaining an educational experience.

Children need to be taught how to grow their own food from a young age, in their own back yard, thats free from harmful GMO’s and pesticides.

We are here to show you just how to achieve this. Its easy to grow hydroponically & better your quality of life today.  Self sustained living is the future, live a healthier life.

Hydroponics is FUN, EXCITING and GREAT for your loved ones.

The Sad Truth…

Sickness and decease related to Genetically Modified Produce is on theoutbreak globally.

Genetically Modified produce make up for over 90% of South Africa’s staple crops – According to the African Centre for Biosafety.

Your health and that of your children is in danger. The chemical used in popular pesticide that are “GM crop Ready” contain an ingredient called glyphosate which has been linked to Autism, Cancer and many other chronic decease.

GE crops are typically far more contaminated with glyphosate than conventional crops, courtesy of the fact that they’re engineered to withstand extremely high levels of glyphosate without perishing along with the weeds.

Your Food Security Matters!

Invest in your family’s future, by taking steps today which will

counter biological warfare in the future and have huge

repercussions on amongst our future generations. Your home is

more than just brick and mortar


Features & Benefits of Urban Farming

More and more urban centres are being designed and developed

to include green spaces, integrated vegetation, and solutions for

urban agriculture. Though there are an abundance of long-term

benefits that result from the implementation of green infrastructure

types, one of the most strongly emphasised interests is the

positive effect greenery has on public health. A healthy society is a

critical foundation which supports the productivity and the social progression of its people.!

In fact, an important study shows just how impactful a city focused

on urban agriculture can be on public health. Here are three

important public health benefits of urban green spaces.!


Gardening was proven to reduce the risk of obesity, coronary heart disease (notably in menopausal women and elderly men), and diabetes, among other diseases.!

Mental Health!

Cultivation activities prevent illness and induce healing. Plants are also known to manage mental illness because of the relaxing nature of gardening. This leads to lowered stress levels and symptoms associated with stress.

Community gardening builds social interaction including community engagement and education. Gardens are also known to be a method of rehabilitating at-risk youth, those suffering from trauma, and many other social concerns as the reward instantaneous . Above all, gardening brings together a variety of people across different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Self Sustained living is the Future!

Fun, Exciting, Rewarding and lets not forget… absolutely delicious!

Reap the rewards from your own garden produce!

In an ideal community we would all grow our own produce and exchange crops that we have not been able to grow, which in turn will provide you with a balanced diet, providing you with all the nutrition you & your loved ones need, year in and year out.


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