New Range of Hydroponic products Arriving Soon!

We have some awesome news for our Grow Guru followers, There’s a whole New Range of Hydroponic products and grow equipment on its way and arriving at our headquarters really soon. Brace yourselves as we slowly manipulate the hydro market in South Africa to match the international grow industry standard.

What to Expect from us in the coming weeks?

  • Method Seven Cultivator at an unbelievable introductory price of only R599.99 each – Available in HPS+ & LED+ Spectrums (Already HERE & Available from all leading hydroponic grow shops throughout South Africa)
  • Air Cooled Tube Reflectors – Lightweight & great for tight installations
  • 300W & 600W LED panels — Less Heat, More Light
  • CO2 regulators — boost the CO2 levels in your grow room to an acceptable level for maximum yields – said to increase by 40%

Stay tuned, There’s More..But that’s a secret for now 😉  Follow our Blog or Subscribe to our Newsletter to be informed on our latest deals, happenings, product arrivals & giveaways!


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