Now Stocking the entire Biogrow Organic Range

Environmentally friendly organic gardening is an integrated approach to gardening based on the principle that a healthy environment creates healthy plants

You will be pleased to know we have expanded our organic products and now stock the entire Biogrow range of pesticides , insecticides & herbicides, – Organic garden solutions that work.


Fast Acting, organic, broad spectrum contact insecticide. Kills all stages of insects , including eggs, on contact

Copper Soap

Natural organic fungicide. For the preventative control of fungal diseases. Biodegradable.


A suspension that will stimulate healthy growth and maximise resistance. P,K and trace elements.


Organic Foliar feed N.P.K. 3:1:5:  + trace elements. strengthens the plat & promotes the formation of blooms


Organic rainforest pellets that lure snails and slugs from their hiding planks. Animal and environmentally friendly.

Herbicidal Soap

A natural herbicide which kills moss and algae and will control various annual weeds. Fast acting & biodegradable


Bio pesticide for the control of sucking, chewing & biting insects – disrupts behavioural patterns & metabolic activity


Organic, broad spectrum contact insecticide with ovoidal activity. Natural plant oil. Kills all stages of insects


Natural  organic contact insecticide , effective against soft-bodied insects. Very soft on beneficial insects.

Spray Today , Eat Tomorrow!

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