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Smart Start Grow Lights manufactures industry leading horticultural lighting designed for growers in South Africa. Smart Start grow lights are aimed at enthusiasts that are either beginner or professional growers in large facilities. This means the user and consumer, irrespective of the grower level, receives state of the art grow lights that perform extremely well in a high intensity growing environment. From cupboards, Grow Tents, Grow Rooms, Grow Facilities, SmartStart has a grow light that can be utilised to its full potential in your grow space.

SmartStart specialises in the latest technology, LED Grow Lights, CMH Grow Lights and HID Grow Lights that are in a league of their own knocking other or older technology out of the field.

Warranties are serviced locally giving you assurance that you will be up and  growing as soon as possible  in the unlikely event that you grow light fails you.

SmartSmart Grow Lights are designed for growers, by growers, with years of leading experience in the horticulture lighting sphere which means

SmartStart is the smart and logical choice when considering grow lights for your grow facility. 

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