2400 x 1200mm Hydroponic Grow Tray

by GrowGuru
R 3,350.00

2400 x 1200mm Hydroponic Tray perfect for your grow when applied with fabric pots, Floraflex drip or drain to waste systems. 

Ideally one would want your tray raised with you plants placed neatly above, allowing for storage of your reservoir beneath which will prevent high water temps /exposure to light, which normally leads to root rot and decease.

pallet rack tray 

Tray Stands for Hydroponic Trays, Flood Trays, and Flood Tables

Fast Fit Tray Stand

The Fast Fit Tray Stand has just the right size for beginning hydroponics farmers and can be used for a variety of projects, not just for grow stations for seedlings.


Use this 4’ x 2’ tray stand for large grow beds or even to support small tanks if you’re up for modifying it for other uses.

When you have a sturdy frame to use, you will realize later on that it’s going to be used a lot in your hydroponics setup.

Be creative and you’ll see that you need more than one of these in your greenhouse.

HydroFarm 4×4 Tray Stand

The HydroFarm 4×4 Tray Stand with Light Kit is a great companion in any hydroponics endeavor because of its stainless steel construction, low profile and the light kit assembly that comes with it.