Dewey Mister & Air Pump Kit

by Dewey Mister
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R 445.00

Dewey Mister air pump kit includes 1 Dewey mister, 2 meters of tubing and an air pump. 

The Air2000 air pumps are great for 1 Dewey Mister. In Aeroponics applications, the Dewey Mister will oxygenate and criculateing the water and increase the uptake of nutrients by the plant. The oxygen also strengthens the plant's roots and helps prevents root rot. These air pumps super quite and built to be very durable in even the most extreme growing environments.

1 x Dewey Mister perfect for cloning propagators and comes complete with 3 suction cup feet which allow for securing at the base of your reservoir or bubble bucket cloner.

1 x 1 outlet air pump

2m air tubing

Rememeber to always keep your air pump above the water level to prevent water from siphoning back into the pump when the electricity is turned off.