Electronic Digital Pocket Scale

by GrowGuru
R 200.00

Electronic Digital Pocket Scale will make measuring out your powder nutrients a quick and easy process.

  • Capacity: 500g
  • Accuracy: 0.01g
  • Units: g/oz/ct/gn
  • Platform: Stainless steel, 50mm X 55mm
  • Auto Off: 30 seconds
  • Tare Range: Tare full capacity
  • Counting Function: Supported
  • Display: LCD with back light
  • Power: AAA x 2 (not included)


  • Dimensions: 65mm(W) x 130mm (L) x 20mm (H)
  • Weight: 91g (3.22 oz)
  • Color: Silver

1. Reset the scale by pressing {ON/OFF} key.
2. Wail until the LCD displays "0.0" and then press and HOLD {UNITS} key for 3 seconds. The LCD will display CAL and then release the [UNITS] key.
3. Press [UNITS] key again, the LCD will dispaly "CAL" followed by the required calibration weight.
4. Add the required calibration weight, the display will show "PASS" and return to normal weighting mode.
5. Put away the calibration weight and press [ON.OFF] to turn off the scale and the calibration is finished!

Packet content:
1 x 500g/0.1g Digital Scale
1 x English Manual