Freedom Fabric Pots

by Freedom Farms
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Freedom Fabric Pots, made from 100% organic material. Handcrafted from durable geotextile fabric, 100% recyclable, and completely safe to use for a planting container.

Fabric pots free your root zone from stress, which comes from conventional container growing. Due to the breathable material of the Freedom Fabric Pot, it maximizes root zone aeration and drainage, improving root health and nutrient absorption. Aeration of the root zone prevents the circling of the roots and allows for the roots to self-air prune. This increases the density of fresh root tips, postponing plants getting root-bound and alleviates the transplant shock. 
 Maximize root zone UV resistant and resistant to general weathering Reusable Machine washable, recommend hand washing. 



  • 10L -18 x 25cm
  • 20L -24 x 30cm
  • 40L -30 x 35cm
  • 100L - 40 x 50cm