Gavita W150 Reflector Replacement

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Sometimes you need a little less light, but you want to keep using high efficiency 750 W or 1000 W fixtures. Sometimes in very large rooms you height is limited. In that case, a wide reflector, such as the W 150 DE, a double ended reflector with a 150 degree beam angle, solves your problems.

Gavita suggests that one should change your reflector often. Never change a winning team. The moment Gavita introduced this reflector it revolutionized the way people look at reflectors. It is by far the most copied reflector in the DE market, but never surpassed in distribution and efficiency.

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How to change your Gavita reflector? 



    • Reflector Material:
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    • vega® / MIRO® aluminum
  • Features & Benefits:

    Miro aluminum reflector

    Our HR96 reflector is made of a very high grade Miro aluminum which provides optimal reflectance of light to your crop. This is the reflector of choice for horticultural growers world-wide, to provide uniform light in an overlapping plan with great plant penetration from all sides. The reflector is a medium wide reflector, providing optimal horizontal penetration of the crop. Remember: the sun is never straight above plants, they do need light at an angle for optimal penetration.

    Replaceable reflector

    Our bracket is designed to be able to change you reflector quickly. Miro aluminum can not easily be cleaned, and when you clean it, it will never be as good as a new reflector. We recommend changing reflectors every year in a “dirty” environment (dust, foggers, sprays) or every two years in a clean environment.

    A wide reflector is not suitable for a smaller room, because it causes more losses on your walls, reducing the average light levels and the efficiency of your light installation. Here are the typical applications for a wide reflector:

    In a large (vegetative) room where you use lower light levels, you want to spread the light of your fixture in a uniform way over a larger surface. The wide reflector allows you to do so.

    When you combine HPS with plasma light in a vegetative room, you replace part of the HPS light with a plasma light. Depending on the ratio of plasma/HPS fixtures you will need to spread your HPS light over a larger surface. A wide reflector allows you to still use a high-power fixture, reducing the initial investment, installation costs and re-lamping costs while getting a perfect uniform lighting.

    In a large flowering room with limited height, the wide reflector allows you to come closer to the crop.

    It’s not easy to define what the standard spread of the reflector is, as it is used at various intensities.

    In a large room in general though the configuration is very similar to an HR96 when you need the same light levels. The added advantage of the wide reflector is better uniformity maintenance over distance while getting a bit closer to the crop, through a much wider overlap.

    You can achieve the same light intensities and the almost the same uniformity with the HR96, but at a bit more distance to the crop, so you need more height for that. When you need lower intensities, for example when combining with the plasma light in a vegetative room, the wide reflector is in most cases the best choice for DE lamps.

    Specific room dimensions may ask for creative solutions, as not all rooms have perfect dimensions for light. Always have a Gavita light engineer make you a lighting plan, which is a free service for committed customers.