General Hydroponics Flora Coco Grow

by General Hydroponics
R 335.00

General Hydroponics FloraCoco Grow is a concentrated 2 part hydroponic nutrient designed specially to be used in coco growing, say goodbye to cal/mag. No more additives needed from seed to bloom. Most 2 part coco nutrients need supplemental cal/mag and additional additives like PK boosters for optimum results. Floracoco is high in calcium and magnesium, as well as containing all the necessary other elements to promote healthy, vigorous growth. Floracoco contains all the micro trace elements needed for optimum fruiting and flowering giving your final product the aroma and flavor it is capable of developing.


When using the Floracoco series, both 2 part nutrients get used for the complete growing and flowering cycle of the plant. The ratio changes tho according to the stage of the plant's growth.


Directions for use:

Shake well before using.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Add each nutrient part grow and bloom separate to the water, mixing thoroughly before adding the next nutrient part.

Always rinse measuring equipment thoroughly to avoid contamination of the two parts.

For best results, use a clean buffered and washed coco.

GHE Floracoco works with all plants, specially designed for the use in coco coir substrates.


Flora Kleen can be used, not only for nutrient lockout problems or end of harvest for flushing. It works excellent to rejuvenate your old substrates, which can be challenging to handle with fruiting and flowering plants that cant be repotted, like your mother plants.

The GHE Ripener can get used in the last ten days of your plants cycle before starting the flush to finish her off and increase flower production.