Green House Feeding - Enhancer

by Green House Seed Co
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Greenhouse Feeding Enhancer.

Humic and Seaweed Extract.


Enhancer and Soil Conditioner Humic Acids & Seaweed Extract Greenhouse Powder Feed-BioEnhancer is a blend of humic acids, seaweed extract, Trichoderma harizianum strains, and Bacillus subtilis. Increasing the vitality of the plant, enhances the uptake of nutrients, and improves the quality of the soil.

The Bioenhancer from Greenhouse Powder Feed is a multi-purpose tool for every organic cultivator. The Bioenhancer helps with the uptake of nutrients and conditioning of the soil. Improving the physical, chemical, and biochemical characteristics of the soil. The Bioenhancer can also be used for germination of seeds, taking cuttings, and as a foliar spray to stimulate the growth of healthy, vigorous plants.

Humic and Fulvic Acids come from the source, leonardite. Acting as a soil conditioner, biocatalyst, and biostimulant. The enhancer also helps with the chelation of nutrients compounds, enhancing the uptake of nutrients in the plant and assisting with the increase of iron uptake resulting in a higher chlorophyll and sugar production and improves the flavors of your fruits and nutritional value.

Seaweed extract (kelp) contains 62 different trace elements, amino acids, and natural phytohormones. It works as a soil conditioner, helping with a stronger, more vigorous root development of cuttings and improves the seed germination rate. Enhances the water and nutrient uptake conditioning plants to handle stress.

How to use:

Mix Bioenhancer with water and apply it to your plants when watering. Recommended using every two weeks in between other feeds and watering. Use through the complete cycle of the plant (vegetative and fruiting/flowering stage) and during transplant for healthier roots and to minimize the risk of shock.


Watering: 0,5 - 1g/L water every two weeks

Foliar application: 3 - 5g/10L

Germination treatment for seed: 0,5 - 1g/L water Use within 24 hours after mixing Bioenhancer!

Coco: Before adding Bioenhancer to your water adjust the pH of the water to 5.0