Growers Gold Organic Medium

by Earth Dance
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R 380.00

Earth Dance Growers Gold organic premium blend has all the benefits of the 90/10 blend and is enhanced with ingredients that will promote the growth of natural organic micro-organisms.  This blend just gets better as it gets older and can be used for seedlings, up potting plants or as a blend that will be used from start to end in the plant’s life.  EM in soil is like green juice for humans. It can be combined with normal compost or potting soil and these organisms will enrich these materials as well.


Comprised of Peat Moss, Perlite, Ca Mg, Worm Castings and Talborne Organic Fertiliser Blend. Also enriched with Effective Micro-organisms (EM).

This blend is not recommended for use with non-organic fertilisers as they will kill off the natural organisms and is therefore not worth the extra couple of rand you spend on this blend.  It is a good blend if you would like indoor plants to grow into an environment similar to healthy life rich outdoor soil.  Although this blend will support your plants for a large part of the first half of its life, you will probably have to top it up with additional fertiliser or organic matter or more of the organic blend as it grows bigger and requires more nutrients before it starts fruiting/flowering.

Triple Washed | Buffered | 100% Biodegradable | Added Effective Micro-Organisms