Growers Gold Promix 90-10

by Earth Dance
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Earth Dance Growers Gold premium promix medium 90/10 blend  

Perfect blend to start new seeds and for potting plants.  Peat has the quality of holding onto nutrients added when watering the plant, making it readily available to plant roots and reducing nutrient loss during watering.  This mix can also be combined with potting soil or compost to increase the moisture retention and aeration of the soil.

This mix is best used for starting seedlings that will be transplanted into the ground/potting soil/our organic blend.  If you would like to continue growing your plant in this blend, it is recommended to add fertiliser as there is none other than the CaMg added to this mix.  This gives you more control over the types of fertilisers you would like to use.

Comprised of Peat Moss, Perlite & Ca Mg Blend 

Triple Washed | Buffered | 100% Biodegradable