Kelp P Max

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5L 20L

Kelp P Max

R 285.00


5L 20L
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Product description

Kelp P Max is a multi-purpose foiler feed made from an Ascophyllum nodosum kelp, which is high in antioxidants, including carotenoids and flavonoids.

It is scientifically proven to be the best and most effective seaweed for agriculture in the world.

Kelp P Max enhances your root and leaf development, containing macro and micronutrients with its fully chelated elements, amino acids, and natural kelp growth hormones which allows you to unlock your plant's full potential.


Kelp P Max can rectify nutrient shortage in the soil that has been antagonism derived. Kelp P Max is a plant stimulant for the vegetative stage that ensures root and leaf development.


Ammonium nitrogen - to build energy-rich proteins.

Phosphorus- which is essential for energy-releasing reactions.

Micronutrients - These regulate many growth processes in your plant.

Amino acids - Which are the building blocks of proteins and an excellent growth promoter.

Kelp P can aid in stress management, provide energy for growth with natural plant hormones stimulating cell division and elongation for root development. 

Application rate:

2 to 4 liters/ 500 liters water or per hectare.

20 to 40ml per 5 liters water/ 100 square meters. 

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