Mammoth Gavita G1 Grow Tent

by Mammoth
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Mammoth Elite Gavita G1 Grow Tent

Mammoth Tents and Gavita Holland, pioneers in hydroponics, combined forces to create a one and two light grow room with optimal light uniformity. 

  • Designed by Gavita, in synergy with the new Gavita Pro M 110 DE SR (Small Room) Reflector.
  • HCG1 & G1 - specially designed for 1 Gavita light.
  • HCG2 & G2 - specially designed for 2 Gavita lights.
  • The result: Up to 95% uniformity.

Gorilla of a Grow Tent! - South Africa

How to Setup Mammoth Gavita G1 Grow Tent?

Mammoth G1 Grow Tent assembly video in South Africa ->