Mammoth Pro Grow Tent

R 2,549.00

Mammoth Pro Grow Tent

R 2,549.00

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Product description

Grow Tent is the pioneer of the mobiles grow tents. This is the perfect home growers tent. The Mammoth Pro series is one of the higher quality tents falling just behind the Mammoth Elite range. Newly designed, durable frame with steel poles, higher quality corners, and connectors. The Mammoth pro has wide access doors with strong, durable zips and a waterproof floor. Allowing for a much easier climate control for indoor growing.

Mammoth Pro Grow Tent, the ultimate choice for professional growers seeking a high-quality and efficient solution for their indoor cultivation needs. Boasting a lightweight design, this grow tent is easy to maneuver and transport, making it perfect for growers on the go. For maximum flexibility, this grow tent comes equipped with multiple inlets and outlets, allowing for customizable installation and optimal ventilation.


Top product for the professional customer

• Completly Lightproof design • Very quick and easy assembling

• New designed strong frame with steel poles and high-quality corners and connectors

• Available in a wide range of sizes • Big doors offer easy access

• Multiple inlets and outlets for flexible installation 


Size: 120x120x200cm

Multiple vents for intake and exhausting (7x203mm)

Mammoth Grow Tent South Africa

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