Nute Needle

by Hydro Africa
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The Nute Needle is a 14-inch measuring syringe everyone needs for measuring liquid nutrients and liquid fertilizers. The Nute Needle is specifically designed to reach the bottom of all nutrient bottles. It is composed of high-quality material, with a blunt stainless steel patented 14-inch needle, ensuring that it will handle the test of time. The durable polycarbonate body provides maximum visibility when measuring nutrients. Dip into any nutrient bottle and draw the exact amount of nutrients needed, once the desired volume is drawn, lift the Nute Needle from the solution, and pull the handle further to draw air. This "clears" the needle, which prevents dripping.

  • Accurate up to 2ml
  • 100ml Capacity 
  • Reach the bottom of any bottle
  • No more spills
  • No more waste