Terra Aquatica Calcium Magnesium Supplement

by Terra Aquatica
R 195.00

Terra Aquatica's Liquid Calcium Magnesium Supplement is a highly bioavailable, calcium, and magnesium additive. For the optimum results in fast-growing plants, proper calcium, and magnesium availability is vital for the optimum nutrient uptake. Calcium magnesium helps to prevent secondary nutrient deficiencies, support the growth and fruiting/flowering of plants, and helps to prevent blossom end rot and tip burn. Terra Aquatic's calcium magnesium supplement is clean and soluble, which can be used alongside most other nutrient regimes without the clogging of your watering dripper system.


Warning: Do not use with the Soft water formulation as these nutrients have enough calcium added even for RO water.

How to use Terra Aquatica's Calcium and magnesium:

Use 1.5ml per liter of water for most applications, including organic and high demanding crops.

With RO water, you will add 2ml per liter of water before adding your nutrient solution.

When growing in coco coir, using prepared or soilless mixes or even compressed brocks of coco coir, mix 1 - 1.5ml per liter to wet/buffer the media and then add to your nutrient solution at the same rate for the first two weeks.

Continuous use will be beneficial for fast-growing plants.