Top Max - Bio Bizz

by BioBizz
R 340.00

BioBizz Top-Max is a premium liquid organic flowering enhancer containing ingredients that can increase the size, weight, and density of the flower cluster.  


  • Developed by a top Dutch manufacturer – BioBizz
  • 100% vegetable-based bloom stimulator
  • Designed for dense flowers and fruit
  • Raises Brix levels in plant sap
  • Enhances natural oils, flavors, and aromas
  • Best suited for use with BioBizz nutrients and additives

How BioBizz Top-Max works:

BioBizz Top-Max is a 100% vegetable-based bloom stimulator certified as an organic product. It's comprised of fulvic acids and some humic acid derived from leonardite. Top-Max encourages amitosis (cellular division), which promotes the delivery of essential sugars, nutrients, and trace elements to the fruit and flowers.  


This all results in higher Brix levels and in turn, a high-yielding, quality crop. A higher Brix reading will also increase natural oils in plants and improve the yield, flavor, and aroma of fruits and flowers.


Even if you use mineral fertilizers, consider supplementing with a combination of Top-Max, Bio-Bloom, and/or Bio-Heaven. It will work wonders as an alternative to mineral PK boosters. 


How to use BioBizz Top-Max:

BioBizz Top-Max is designed for use in the flowering stage and is best suited to a soil medium. Improves nutrient uptake, which will result in sweeter and smooth tasting crops


We'd recommend diluting BioBizz Top-Max at a ratio of 2-5ml per Litre of water and mix well. Simply substitute your usual PK booster with Top-Max within weeks 4 & 6 to get that a smooth organic taste. 


BioBizz Top-Max NPK Ratio – 0.1-0.01-0.1