Tropf - Blumat 12 Carrot Set

by Blumat
R 2,180.00

The Blumat Tropf 12 "Carrot" Automated water system is ready to go self-watering kit out the box. This system can water up to 12x 25cm pots, 6x 40cm pots, 4x 50cm pots, or even 3x 1m narrow flower boxes.

Tropf Blumat "Carrots" is both a sensor and a watering unit at the same time. It independently registers the moisture of the soil and controls the water discharge. Tropf Blumat watering systems can be extended with additional sensors at any time. These watering systems can get set up for a large scale of up to 500 watering senors.


With the Tropf accessories, the system can be easily extended if need be.



11x Tropf Blumat including Drip Tube and T-Piece

1x Tropf Blumat including Drip Tube and End-Piece

7m 8mm Feeding Tube

1x Tank Connector

1x 8-8mm Hose Union

1X Tee 8-8-8mm

1x End-Piece 8-3 mm

1x T-piece 8-3 mm

1x Elbow 8-3 mm