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Since 2012 Grow Guru Horticulture has supplied South Africa with a growing range of the latest hydroponic gear, with nationwide delivery through our online store. Our Headquarters in Port Elizabeth, which is open to the public, services our retail / wholesale customers in the area.Whether you grow indoor or outdoor, home hobbyist grower or commercial alike, we’ve got you covered.

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Dutch Bucket commercial hydroponic system

Dutch Bucket Hydroponic Grow System

Dutch Buckets have seen extensive use throughout the US and Europe with great success, these buckets are typically arranged in single rows on the floor or on benches, with one irrigation line feeding from above, and one drainage line circulating back to the reservoir from below, thus each row can be connected and joined together […]
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720W COB LED Grow Light

Our COB LED Grow Lights replace HID 1 to 1

Our COB LED Grow Lights are the most powerful COB LED grow light platforms on Earth and replace  HID 1 to 1. These revolutionary grow lights provide greater light intensity and efficiency (umols per watt) than any other current plant lighting systems available. S-Mars COB LED Grow Lights replace traditional HID Grow Lights 1 – 1, […]
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Rooted Cutting

Guide to Successful Rooted Cuttings

Guide to Successful Rooted Cuttings: Rooting plant cuttings is one of the most useful horticultural skills that nearly any gardener can attain. Plants, just like humans have a distinct genetic make up and carry contrasting genetic traits, some favorable, some not as much. These traits, desirable or not are pre determined, and will be present […]
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