Whats New at Grow Guru ?

South Africa’s Favourite Hydroponic Online Shop just got better!

Over the past weeks we have been exceptionally busy here at Grow Guru both online and at our physical retail store. We are continuously improving our site online and offline to be driving our customer and user interface forward to the next level

These are some of the feature changes that you can experience in the coming few days as we roll out the new developments.

  • Table rate based shipping – This will assist in accurately calculating your shipping totals during checkout – Additionally we will be implementing a choice of other providers for delivery throughout South Africa cost effectively.
  • Dedicated Call Centre  – Call us on  041 00706016 and let us help you make an informed decision on your next purchase with us.
  • Live POS in store – Linked to our website with available stock quantities to handle order and check out quickly.
  • Security –  To give you peace of mind whilst shopping with us, you will be pleased our site is now encrypted and you can be rest assured all your details are safe with us. Some of the security features that we have rolled out : DDOS protection against brute force log in attempts, In the next day we will change over to the new SSL secure url which is “https://growguru.co.za” which will protect us from a range of online threats from spammers to SQL injection to DDOS & Reputation-based threat protection.
  • Optimisation  – We teamed up with a delivery network in order to get our site in front of the people that matter most, efficiently!

In order to handle your queries whenever you are online shopping with us, dial 041-007 0616 – Additionally you can now contact each department directly within Grow Guru – Reach our team by email : info[at]growguru.co.za – sales[at]growguru.co.za


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