Why you should use Reverse Osmosis Water for Hydroponics

You may wonder why you should use reverse osmosis water for growing plants using a hydroponic method?

The sad fact that most water is polluted with chloramines, heavy metals, harmful bacteria and other contaminants. Some water comes with onboard magnesium and/or calcium, and this might be useful for your hydroponics plants. But most water just isn’t pure enough for you to grow successful crops and maintain plant strength.

You use a reverse osmosis system to cleanse water for your hydroponic plants. If you use a quality reverse osmosis (RO) unit, you get water 98-99% free of impurities. Generally a EC reading of “0.0” You get a neutral canvas or clean slate on which to “paint” your hydroponics nutrients so you know exactly what your plants are getting and when they get it. Giving you total control and peace of mind that your plants are at your command.

Should you not want to buy and install a unit, your local Water Store will be able to give you fresh clean water on tap at least 6 days a week.

Ironically, when you RO your water you remove trace elements such as calcium and/or magnesium. Most hydroponics nutrients manufacturers have even accommodated the pervasive presence of these two elements in source water by under-providing calcium and magnesium in their nutrients. Generally when you use RO water, just use a bit of General Hydroponics Mineral Magic for example. This stabilizes the water, helps your pH meter read the water better, and adds back minerals that you removed using RO.

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