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GHE Nutrients became "Terra Aquatica" in South Africa

GHE Nutrients became "Terra Aquatica" in South Africa

In South Africa, the prominent nutrient manufacturer GHE / General Hydroponics, which has become a household name brand, has changed its official name to "Terra Aquatica." The nutrients that are accessible in both hydroponics and organics will not change. Same product, same results under a new name and a new brand! The only thing that will change is the name and labeling.

GHE® is General Hydroponics' European spinoff, a veritable institution for all farmers in the United States. However, in 2015, Scotts Miracle-Gro Co., an American lawn and garden products behemoth, purchased this Californian gem. GHE has opted to seek independence and focus on the basics: the products, the plants, and our customers, far distant from these solely commercial considerations and in keeping with its work ethic.

In this video, William Texier, co-founder of GHE, documents the modifications!

Is this the final chapter of GHE?

This was the question on everyone's mind on April 15, 2015, when the personnel at the GHE offices received the tragic news.
Scott's Miracle Gro has just purchased General Hydroponics, our parent firm from California.

"What a waste!" and "What a shame!" remark those in the know. Customers can be heard exclaiming, "No way!" while employees are stunned.

We were able to provide Europe's supply of Flora Series® and Aeroflo Systems®, as well as create best-selling products such as WaterFarm® and AquaFarm®, thanks to William Texier and Noucetta Kehdi's 20 years of hard work and activism, as well as Lawrence Brooke, the founder of G.H. and a pioneer in bringing hydroponics to the masses, and the 28 passionate employees (42 in total since the beginning of the adventure) and

No, it's not true! GHE isn't going anywhere, not now, not after all these years.

As a result, GHE will be reborn as Terra Aquatica®, a completely autonomous French firm headquartered near the Spanish border.

What does this mean for Terra Aquatica and General Hydroponics in South Africa? Terra Aquatica will continue to serve the South African market, so don't worry.

Terra Aquatica's incredible nutrition line is available in our online store and will ensure your growth success.

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