Odour Neutraliser Spray Deodorizer R 145.00
Odour Neutraliser Spray is our powerful and effective air freshener spray that eliminates bad odors and fills your space with a lovely fresh scent. Our monster-sized 750 ml canister ensures that you get great value for your money as one quick spray covers a large area. Available in three delightful scents: Linen Fresh, Bubblegum Boom, and Cherry Burst. Our specially designed nozzle makes application easy and convenient. The science behind our product is simple yet effective. Our air freshener spray destroys bad odors by covering them with a great smelling scent. It's incredibly powerful and only a small spray is enough to cover a large space, providing long-lasting freshness. To use, remove the plastic top cap and position the nozzle in the center of your room. Apply pressure to the nozzle using your finger and enjoy the sweet aroma that fills your space. Key Features and Benefits: Lovely scents to cover any unwanted odors Easy application with our specially designed nozzle Powerful and effective; one small spray covers a large area. Monster-sized 750ml canister ensures good value for money and long-lasting freshness In summary, our air freshener spray is the perfect solution to eliminate bad odors in any space. With its powerful and effective formula, one small spray is all it takes to experience the freshness that lasts for a long time. Choose from our three delightful scents: Linen Fresh, Bubblegum Boom, and Cherry Burst.
Odour Neutraliser Block Deodorizer R 159.00
Odour Neutraliser Solid Block is a versatile product that can be used in a variety of settings, from grow spaces with pungent plant smells to office or household environments. This product is perfect for eliminating odours in small spaces such as cupboards, closets, or even cars and caravans. It can be placed in internal ventilation systems to capture and neutralize malodorous volatile compounds in the air. To use, simply remove the lid or cover and place in the target area. The block works by surface area exposure – the more surface area exposed, the faster and stronger the effect. To regulate this, you can either lessen the effect (if in a small area) by drilling holes in the lid (jar version) and keeping the lid on or for larger ventilation areas, remove the block from the tub, place it in the lid, and position it where you need it – this exposes a greater surface area of the block, and so volatiles can be captured more rapidly for a more powerful effect. The Odour Neutraliser Solid Block will release its unique neutralising agent into the atmosphere to treat undesirable odours. It is available in various scents: Linen Fresh, Pro Active, Pacu Fizz, Bubblegum Boom, Cherry burst. Replace when depleted. For larger room applications, we recommend our gel-based product with a controlled release formula that offers constant treatment of odours over a longer timeframe. Simply place in your target area and take off the lid. The product effectiveness can be speeded up with the use of a fan to blow air over the product. This will aid the agent deployment into the atmosphere of the room but will use up the product quicker, so regulation is needed depending on room size. The product can also be decanted to have small amounts around a room, avoiding the need for a fan. Please Note: to keep the gel working at its best, make sure you shake the product before use and every other day to allow the neutralising agent to fully mix with the gel. Ideal for home or office use and is pet safe.
Odour Neutraliser Gel Deodorizer from R 239.00
Odour Neutraliser Gel - the ultimate solution to eliminate unpleasant odours in larger spaces! Our gel-based product is specifically designed for grow spaces and is highly effective in capturing and neutralising malodourous volatile compounds in the air, eliminating bad smells rather than simply masking them. With our controlled release formula, you can enjoy a constant treatment of odours over a longer time frame, making it ideal for larger room applications. To use, simply remove the lid and place the gel in your target area. Want to speed up the process? Use a fan to blow air over the product and aid in the deployment of the neutralising agent into the atmosphere. Need to conserve product? Decant small amounts around the room instead. Our gel is available in a variety of pleasant scents, including Linen Fresh, Pacu Fizz, Bubblegum Boom, and Cherry Burst, and is pet safe for use in homes and offices. Don't forget to shake the product before use and every other day to ensure the neutralising agent fully mixes with the gel and remains effective. 
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