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Wilma Hydroponic Starter Kit R 4,489.00 R 4,995.00
Wilma Hydroponic Growing starter kit is a complete recirculating hydroponic growing system, ready to grow plants. Wilma Purpose-built plant nursing tray with 4 x pots that rest comfortably on top of a reservoir with an automated watering system. 
 The system includes a water pump and drippers for feeding and watering your plants. An analogue or digital timer is which is included might be needed to set your preferred watering/feeding schedule. This hydroponic grow system is light in weight and easy to move. Very steady in the nursing area allowing for plants to maintain a sturdy structure even when they have grown to a large size. Wilma hydroponic kits are specifically designed for home growers, as the system is ideally suited to fit into a 1.0m/1.2m or 1.5m grow tent.  1 x Wilma Hydroponic system (Large 18-litre) 2 x Gold Label Hydrocorn  1 x Water Pump 1 x Dripper Set 1 x Analogue Timer
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Basic Hydroponic Starter Bundle R 995.00 R 1,495.00
We have bundled together some basic hydroponic items you will need to run a successful grow. Basic pH Meter Basic TDS/PPM/EC Digital Water Meter EHG Grow 1L EHG Micro 1L EHG Bloom 1L pH Up 500ml pH Down 500ml pH Calibration Solution - 6.86 Basic pH Meter - Great for the home grower wanting to get an accurate pH reading of your nutrient solution. It has 2 point calibration to ensure accurate readings and comes with an instruction manual. Basic TDS/PPM/EC Digital Water Meter - Enables you to test the quality and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS/PPM) or Electrical Conductivity (E.C) of your water. It provides 1000 hours of continuous usage which ensures you feed your plants with the perfect strength nutrient solution every time. EHG (Easy Hydro Grow) 3-part series (Grow, Micro and Bloom) - Provides the perfect nutrient combination for every stage of your plants development. Use the grow chart provided as a guide and use your pH and TDS Meters to create the perfect nutrient solution for your plants. pH Up and pH Down - Nutrients are only fully available to your plants in certain pH ranges, generally speaking 5.5-6.5. Use our range of pH Up & pH Down solutions to make the necessary adjustments to the pH of your nutrient solution, and ensure optimal nutrient uptake. pH Calibration Solution 6.86 - It's important to regularly calibrate your pH meter in order to maintain it’s accuracy. pH Calibration Solution 6.86 is made under strict industry standards in order to give you solution's that are highly accurate and of good quality that will last up to 1 year once opened.
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Gemini Hydroponic System R 1,445.00 R 1,659.00
The Plant It Gemini Hydroponic System is a re-circulating one-pot hydroponic system. Plants are grown in a medium such as clay pebbles and fed from a base tank filled with a nutrient solution. This solution is pumped to the clay pebbles through a flow ring, where it filters back down into the tank. This draws in vital oxygen as the nutrient/water works its way to the plant's roots and helps to ensure great growing results. This system can be used in two ways. The one option is to insert a floor that makes for a 10L pot or you can remove the floor insert and use it as a larger pot which will then be an 18L pot and extra media will be required for this option. What's in the box: Profile level indicator so that you will always have an indication of your water level ensuring your plants won't run dry. Clay Pebbles; Your growing medium and support structure for your root system. (10L of medium included) Laser-cut flow ring to ensure uniform watering with the included submersible water pump. Dimensions approx: H: 365mm x W: 360mm x D: 345mm  
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