BioBizz Starters Pack R 1,625.00
Are you an enthusiastic gardener who respects organic practices? Are you worried about the state of the earth and want to do something to change it? Do you appreciate flavor and beauty above all else, or do you place more importance on the quality of your crop than the quantity? The BioBizz Root-Juice is the ideal product for you if you said "yes" to any of these inquiries. Since 1992, BioBizz, a reputable business, has been selling organic fertilizers to gardeners all over the world. Our goal is to create and export organic fertilizers that are excellent for the environment as well as your plants. Each product is carefully crafted by our team so that you can use it and get the finest results possible. You get everything you need to start your own growing adventure in the BioBizz Starters Bundle. Bio Grow 1l, Bio Bloom 1l, Top Max 500ml, Root Juice 250ml, and Bio Paradise 250ml are all included in our pack. To help you get the most out of your plants, we also include leaflets and other accessories in addition to these basic items. Powerful organic stimulator BioBizz Root-Juice is created specifically to encourage root growth and increase the substrate's natural bioactivity. A carefully chosen combination of all-natural components goes into the creation of our Root-Juice, which helps your plants develop strong, healthy roots. Regular usage of Root-Juice can assist to strengthen plant resistance, increase nutrient uptake, and promote general plant growth. The simplicity of use of BioBizz Root-Juice is one of its best features. Your fertilizer solution only needs to contain the necessary amount; the rest will be taken care of by your plants. Other substrates, such as coco-coir, soil, and hydroponic systems, are also suitable with BioBizz Root-Juice. We at BioBizz think that everyone can produce strong, healthy plants; you don't need to be an expert. Everyone can achieve excellent results thanks to our official nutrient schedule. Also, we provide individualized feeding plans based on the requirements of your plants. BioBizz Root-Juice will assist you in getting excellent results whether you are an experienced gardener or are just getting started.
BioBizz Try-Pack - Outdoor Pack R 315.00
The BioBizz® Try-Pack Outdoor Pack is the ideal choice for you if you enjoy growing plants outdoors.The newest member of the BioBizz® Try-Pack™ family, this pack makes it simple for organic soil-based and hydroponic growers to gain experience with the BioBizz line of fertilizers while also allowing them to do so. In order to develop like an expert, every gardener, will need this high-quality, low-cost, comprehensive bundle. To get the most out of your harvest while keeping your costs down, combine it with any of the other BioBizz products or Try-Packs. Included in each package are 250ml of Bio-Bloom™, 250ml of Fish-Mix™, and 250ml of Top-Max™, giving you everything you need to get started. This mix is great for one-to four-plant outdoor gardens since it contains all the essential nutrients. When used as directed, the tiny amount of nitrogen in Bio-Bloom™ and the ample amounts of phosphorus and potassium in Bio-Bloom™ will result in many blooms. Fish-Mix™ is a bioactive liquid fertilizer that promotes microbial activity and provides a robust organic substrate thanks to its high protein content. It helps the soil retain its natural minerals and microorganisms and encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria. With Top-Max™, an all-natural bloom enhancer, you can see a noticeable difference in the size and weight of your blossoms and fruit. It improves your plants' ability to absorb nutrients and adds to their flavor and scent.
BioBizz Try-Pack - Indoor Pack R 315.00
The BioBizz® Try-Pack Indoor Pack is a complete, high-quality pack created to assist you in growing your plants like an expert. It is simple to use and can be paired with any other BioBizz products or Try-Packs to increase crop production while lowering costs. You'll find everything you need to get started in each pack, including 250ml each of Bio-Bloom™, Bio-Grow®, and Top-MaxTM. This mixture is ideal for tiny indoor gardens because it provides the essential nutrition for 1-4 plants. A full liquid organic fertilizer, Bio-Bloom™ has just enough phosphorus and potassium and a tiny quantity of nitrogen to promote abundant flowering. A healthy root system is provided by Bio-Grow®, an organic liquid fertilizer that promotes vegetative growth. Top-Max™ is a 100% organic bloom enhancer that makes your flowers and fruits bigger and heavier.
BioBizz Root-Juice from R 299.00
BioBizz Root-Juice is the pinnacle product for organic gardeners who want to foster robust root systems and healthy plant growth. This premium solution, which is made exclusively from vegetable materials, is formulated to improve the biological life around and supporting your plant's root system. RootJuice is special because it combines two amazing natural substances—high-quality humic acid and seaweed—in a single bottle. Together, these two components promote robust root growth, setting up your plants to swiftly and efficiently absorb nutrients and yielding a strong, hardy crop. This potent mixture can be used for all sorts of horticultural tasks. RootJuice is the perfect way to supplement the nutrients and defenses of your plants' growing medium, whether it be soil, peat, or coco mixtures. In addition to soil, it can be utilized in hydroponic or aeroponic systems to ensure the safety of the plant's roots and the best possible growth. BioBizz suggests applying RootJuice while your plants are first getting their feet planted. Whether using AllMix or LightMix substrates, feeding your plants with RootJuice for the first week or two is essential for effective rooted. The recommended dosage of RootJuice per liter of water is 1–4 milliliters. BioBizz Root-Juice is an excellent choice if you want to promote healthy root growth and overall plant development using an all-natural product. This potent mixture, derived from a special blend of high-quality humic acid and seaweed, is sure to provide your plants all the nourishment and defense they need to thrive.
BioBizz Fish-Mix from R 155.50
FishMix is a sea-based organic fertilizer that is both extremely effective and environmentally friendly. This liquid plant food is made from 100% organic Dutch sugar beet extract and organic fish emulsion from the nutrient-rich North Sea. This all-natural duo works wonders in soil and coco-based substrates, speeding up plant development and encouraging the proliferation of beneficial microbes and bacteria. Unlike competing products, FishMix is not acid-extracted or stabilized with the synthetic preservative BHT. Because of this, it is a great fit for use in organic farming. Due to its organic composition, FishMix is safe enough to be sprayed directly onto leaves during the vegetative growth cycle and may be used from the very beginning of a plant's existence. FishMix is simple to apply and works well from seedling stage through flowering and harvest for many types of plants. Poor soil may be turned into nutrient-dense, plant-friendly soil in as little as a few days with this method. If you wish to use FishMix with AllMix, the recommended dosage is 1 ml per 1 liter of water. LightMix should be used at a rate of 2–4 ml per 1 liter of water. Choosing FishMix is like putting all the nutrients found in the ocean directly into your plant's container. It's the finest approach to ensure a plentiful crop of high-quality fruits and flowers and to encourage robust, healthy development. If you stick to the approved Nutrition Schedule, your plants will flourish.
BioBizz Bio-Grow from R 155.00
You need an organic fertilizer that will work for your plant at every stage of its life. For all your biogrowing needs, BioBizz Bio-Grow is the best choice. To ensure its compatibility with a wide variety of soil and substrate combinations, this liquid growth fertilizer is prepared with 100% organic Dutch sugar beet extract (also known as vinasse).Vinasse results from the fermentation of sugar beet or sugar cane residue after the sugar has been extracted. In the presence of enzymes, the starches in the sugar are broken down into glucose and other plant nutrients, providing a rich food source for soil microorganisms and increasing their populations, resulting in more fertile soil. BioGrow's natural sugars and potassium promote the bacterial flora in the substrate, facilitating a bountiful harvest of wonderfully sweet fruit.Because of its comprehensive composition, BioGrow may be utilized both during the vegetative and reproductive stages of plant development. Use BioGrow from the time the first leaves show until the conclusion of the fruit-bearing period. BioGrow, thanks to its carefully curated combination of nutrients and organic components, is a safe and effective option for anybody hoping to encourage rapid development and abundant harvests.Easy and intuitive, using BioGrow is a breeze. BioGrow is suggested to be used at a rate of 2–4ml per 1 liter of water by Biobizz, however this will vary from plant to plant. To use BioGrow, just dilute it in water and sprinkle it on your plants as needed during the vegetative and blooming stages.
BioBizz Bio-Bloom from R 165.00
BioBizz Bio-Bloom is a liquid fertilizer made entirely of organic ingredients that will give your plants a healthy boost so they may bloom beautifully and develop strong.BioBloom has enzymes and amino acids that function in tandem with the substrate to support healthy development, and it also has the optimal proportions of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. To further aid in the development of sturdy stems and robust blooming plants, this premium fertilizer also has trace elements and hormones derived from vegetables.BioBloom is formulated with potassium and phosphorus, two essential elements for the development of flower bulbs, calyces, and petals. Potassium is crucial because it synergizes with the plant's circadian cycle, encouraging blooming and steady development at all hours of the day and night.It's a breeze to use BioBloom. From blossom to harvest, this fertilizer may be used on its own to provide your plants the nutrition they need. Biobizz suggests dosing between 2 and 4 milliliters (ml) of BioBloom per 1 liter (l) of water, with specifics provided for each stage of plant development in our approved Nutrient Schedule.With BioBizz Bio-Bloom, you can encourage abundant blooms and lush development in your plants. BioBloom is a 100% organic solution that you may use with confidence on your plants since it contains a carefully calibrated combination of nutrients, enzymes, and hormones derived from vegetables. 
BioBizz Top-Max from R 345.00
BioBizz Top-Max is a 100% all-organic flowering stimulator that takes taste, nuance, and aroma to the top during the flowering period. This exceptional product is designed to be a strengthener in the actual size and weight of flower clusters, improve nutrient uptake, and produce sweeter, smoother tasting crops. Top·Max activates the flow of nutrients by freeing up minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium in the soil, stimulating the plant's metabolism. This process is made possible by the humic and fulvic acids present in Top·Max. The humic acids are sourced from Leonardite, an ancient substance found in the soil that originated from prehistoric trees and vegetation that thrived during the carboniferous period, 300 million years ago. Fulvic acids are taken from rich sources of humate deposits found deep within the earth. The combination of humic and fulvic acids present in Top·Max works together to boost the energy in old plant cells while stimulating new ones to form. This results in healthy floral growth and sweeter, smoother tasting crops. It can be used throughout the entire flowering period and works best when combined with Biobizz substrate mixtures. During the first weeks of flowering, it is recommended to use a dose of 1ml per litre of water. As harvest approaches and before flushing, the dose can be increased to 4ml per litre of water. For best results, follow the official Nutrient Schedule provided by Biobizz.
BioBizz Bio-Heaven from R 780.00
BioBizz Bio-Heaven is an all-natural metabolic booster that will give your plants the full, holistic treatment they deserve. BioHeaven is an energy booster that enhances the efficacy and translocation of nutrients in all foliar sprays and fertiliser mixes with the help of carefully chosen biological stimulants, including important amino acids. The antioxidant system is strengthened, chlorophyll synthesis is restored, and harmful compounds are eliminated. BioHeaven offers a wide variety of advantages. In addition to enhancing the chelation of crucial macro and micronutrients, this organic metabolic activator has been shown to increase enzymatic activity and speed up nutrient absorption. Moreover, it aids plant moisture retention and reduces humidity stress. In addition, the microorganisms in the soil have access to an exceptional source of carbonic acid thanks to Bio-Heaven, which results in a higher quality harvest. BioHeaven may be used on any substrate, coco mix, or hydroponic system during the whole growth and blooming stages. You should start with 2 ml of AllMix or LightMix for every 1 liter of water, and work your way up to the recommended 5 ml. To achieve the greatest outcomes, be sure to stick to BioBizz's recommended Nutritional Schedule.
BioBizz Acti-Vera Botanic Activator from R 285.00
With the "plants for plants" principle in mind, BioBizz created Acti-Vera Botanic Activator as a plant food. ActiVera is the solution if you want your plants to have a strong immune system, a faster metabolism, and better nutrient absorption.In our opinion at BioBizz, plants hold the key to a sustainable and healthy future. We've put this theory into practice with ActiVera by blending premium aloe vera extract with a number of additional effective components. The end result is something that can help your plants flourish.The antibacterial, cleaning, and detoxifying qualities of aloe vera are well-known. This enchantment is now a part of the ActiVera recipe that we have developed. The product can promote both internal and external plant health. ActiVera can increase germination rates by stimulating metabolic processes and boosting nutrient absorption in plants.ActiVera is unique among Biobizz offerings since it is created "from of a plant, for a plant." This implies that all of the components of ActiVera come from plant sources and are completely vegan. You won't have to worry about accidentally poisoning your plants by accidentally poisoning your plants by exposing them to dangerous chemicals or artificial additions.ActiVera has a user-friendly interface and a wide range of customization options. Food crops, plantations, perennials, and decorative plants are all suitable for inside and outdoor use. It may be used to promote growth and blooming during the vegetative and flowering stages. When watering from a can, Biobizz suggests applying 5 ml of ActiVera for every liter of water, and when sprayed on leaves, 1-2 ml per liter of water is sufficient.
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