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Grow Guru, Hydroponic Equipment Supplier

Grow Guru is a grow shop in South Africa that supplies a growing range of the latest hydroponic grow kits, with nationwide delivery through our online store. Our Headquarters in Port Elizabeth, which is open to the public, services our retail / wholesale customers in the area. Whether you grow indoor or outdoor, home hobbyist grower or commercial alike, we’ve got you covered.

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testing soil ph with kit

Importance of Testing Soil pH

The importance of having the correct soil pH  What effect does pH have on the availability of nutrients in the soil? There is no simple answer to this question, since the effects of pH are complex and vary with different...

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grow room automation monitoring device hands

Perfect your grow and utilize the benefits of growing autonomously

Growing automation technology has become a pivotal part of increasing the quality and quantity of yields by effectively controlling and monitoring the growing environment. Not only is growing automation technology, one of the fastest-growing sectors in the cannabis industry, but...

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