TNT Bud Juice from R 199.00
Bud Juice's TNT (Total Nutrient Transfer) is a specially formulated smart plant nutrient design to give your grow what it needs when it needs it most. TNT Bud Juice nutrient has been designed specifically for the vegetative cycle of your plants. With TNT Bud Juice being a one-part perfectly balanced biological base plant nutrient, you can be confident in the product having all the base macro and micronutrients required for healthy, vigorous plant growth. Formulated from a blend of organic carriers, with naturally derived nutrients and amino acids. Used as the base feed TNT supplies all the natural base elements including amino, humic and fluvic acids, organic carbon, and trace elements. Essentially for growing indoor and outdoor. Recommended Feeding Schedule: Dilute by mixing with water to the desired concentration measured as ml/1L water. Seedlings Stage 1-2ml/L (Once a week) Vegetative Stage 2-5ml/L (Once a week) Bloom Stage 4-2ml/L (Once a week) Download TNT Bud Juice Feeding Schedule For Best results use with Boom Bloom & Symbionics Nutrient Analysis  4:1:2(14) Macro (g/kg) N (Nitrogen) 80 P (Phosphorus) 20 K (Potassium) 40 Mg (Magnesium) 1 Ca (Calcium) 18 Micro (mg/kg) Fe (Iron) 280 Mn (Manganese) 170 Cu (Copper) 130 Zn (Zinc) 120 B (Boron) 160 Mo (Molybdenum) 135 Other C (Organic Carbon) Humic Acid Fulvic Acid Amino Acids pH: 5.4
Boom Bloom from R 205.00
Boom Bloom is a biological flowering supplement. Boom Bloom is designed specifically to increase flower production and yields by inducing prolific flowering. Boom Bloom contains readily available phosphorous and potassium both key players in flower and bud formation, transported by our organic acid carriers which eliminate lock up and maximizing the availability of your grow. Used in conjunction with TNT and a must for all soils and coco substrates. Nutrients Macro(g/kg) N (Nitrogen) 1.8% P (Phosphorus) 7.5% K (Potassium) 20.6% Micro (g/kg) C (Carbon) 5.8% Humic Acid 9.8% Fulvic Acid 7.5% Recommended feeding schedule: Download TNT Boom Bloom Feeding Schedule For Best results use with TNT Bud Juice & Symbionics Dilute by mixing with water to achieve the desired concentration measured as ml/ per litre of water. Use within 24hours after mixing solution. Bloom Stage  2-5ml / per liter of water twice a week increasing dosage as your flowers/bud develop and ripen. Flushing Water only  pH 5.8 - 6.2 10-14 days before harvest. Available in 500ml and 1L
Bud Juice-Symbionics from R 110.00
Bud Juice Symbionics is the answer to a biological friendly natural organic molasses, an instant food source for your substrates microbial population. Fermented molasses + Amino Acids. Designed specifically to increase the amount of nutrient uptake in your crops. Symbionics does not only contain beneficial sugars but potassium and essential amino acids. Working in symbiosis with soil microbial population, taking your home grow from seed to weed. This can be used during the vegetative cycle and the flowering/blooming cycle. Nutrients Macro (g/kg) N (Nitrogen) 1.0% P (Phosphorus) 0.1% K (Potassium) 4.2% MG (Magnesium) 0.8% CA (Calcium) 5%  S (Sulphur) 7% Micro (g/kg) FE (Iron) 0.34  B (Boron) 40.0  MN (Manganese) 10.0  CU (Copper) 0.6 ZN (Zinc) 1.1  Si (Silicon) 18.0 MO (Molybdenum) 0.02 Other  C (Organic Carbon) 16%  Humic Acid 5% Fulvic Acid 7% Recommended feeding schedule: Download Symbionics Feeding Schedule For Best results use with TNT Bud Juice & Boom Bloom Dilute by mixing with water to achieve the desired concentration measured as ml/ per litre of water. Use within 24hours after mixing solution. Seedlings  1ml / per litre of water every 2 weeks Veg Stage 2-4ml / per litre of water once a week Bloom Stage  4-2ml / per litre of water once a week  Flushing Water only  pH 5.8 - 6.2 10-14 days before harvest.  
Amino Mix from R 80.00
Amino Mix is a bio-stimulant and plant growth enhancer that is incredibly efficient at giving your plants the boost they require to flourish. Amino Mix's strong formula, which includes natural chelates, has superior cation exchange capabilities that lead to higher rates of nutrient intake and exceptional root growth. Amino Mix is simple to add into your feeding routine because it comes in three convenient sizes: 500ml, 1L, and 5L. It is also compatible with all known liquid and water-soluble fertilizers. Amino Mix's slow-release carbon source and nutrient content, which serve as a natural chelate for both micro and macro elements, are among its main advantages. Plants grow exceptionally as a result of enhanced translocation and enzymatic activity brought on by this. Amino Mix is a nutrient-rich substance that also improves photosynthesis and functions as a natural growth hormone, resulting in a plant that is stronger and healthier overall. Amino Blend is a strong addition, thus it's crucial to remember to properly correct the pH of your nutrient solution before adding it to your plants' food. Just add 3ml of Amino Mix per 10L of water to get a nutrition solution that is in the right pH range. Amino Mix is a necessity for every serious plant grower wanting to maximize yields and produce healthy, bright plants because of its powerful formula and many advantages. For more information have a look at our article Amino Mix - Unlock your plants full potential
Fulvic Mix from R 80.00
Fulvic Mix is a dark yellow to brown liquid having at least 5% fulvic acid in it. Fulvic acid is a potent organic acid with a very high cation exchange capacity (CEC), making it a potent biostimulant for plants. Fulvic acid is an organic chelate compound, which means it may transport nutrients like ammonium, nitrate, phosphate, and calcium while chelating microelements like zinc, boron, manganese, copper, and iron. A powerful addition called fulvic mix works as a slow-release carbon source and fertilizer for soil microbes. It improves photosynthesis, boosts translocation, and serves as a natural growth hormone for plants by functioning as a chelate for both micro and macro elements. Fulvic Mix improves both the root zone's cation exchange capacity as well as the plant's capability to manufacture phytoalexins, which activate the plant's natural defense mechanism. It can also speed up the pace at which most agrochemical compounds are absorbed. When giving your plants Fulvic Mix, make sure the pH of your fertilizer solution has been adjusted to the proper range. A monthly dose of 1ml per plant is advised. Fulvic Mix is a great addition to any plant's nutritional regimen because of its capacity to promote nutrient uptake, boost plant development and defense, and raise the pace at which other agrochemical products are absorbed. Please note: This is a very potent additive so you need to ensure the pH of your nutrient solution is adjusted to the correct range before feeding to your plants. Acts as a slow release carbon source and nutrient for soil micro organisms. Acts as a natural chelate for micro and macro elements. Increases translocation and enzymatic processes in plants. Enhances photosynthesis and acts as a natural growth hormone. Increases the cation exchange capacity in the root zone. Increases the plant’s ability to produce phytoalexins, which in turn stimulate the plant’s natural defense system. Increases the absorption rate of most agrochemical products. Dosage: 1ml per plant per month
Humic Mix from R 80.00
A dark brown potassium humate-containing liquid which has 12% humic acid and 5% potassium (dwb*). The humic acid portion also contains a minimum of 1,6% fulvic and ulmic acids. It acts as a slow release organic carbon source for soil micro organisms which in turn release soil bound minerals and stimulate general plant growth. The high organic content of Humic acid also acts as an effective buffer against fertiliser and sodium in brackish soils. Contains bio-active carbon and other nutrients for soil micro-organisms, especially fungi. Making phosphates more plant available. Prevents Na+ uptake in brackish soil conditions. Stimulates root and plant growth. Stimulates seed germination and tuber formation.
Volcanic Rock Dust from R 57.50
Volcanic Rock Dust is an organic fertilizer consisting of crushed basalt, a volcanic rock, which contains minerals and trace elements which have been ground into a fine dust. Volcanic Rock Dust can be added to the soil to improve fertility, providing calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium, plus over 70 minerals, trace elements and micronutrients. Gardeners have described this as 'magical'. Volcanic Rock Dust mimics the slow process of the earth's own ecosystem to replenish soils and restore the biosphere. When adding rock dust to the soil it allows for a lot more phosphorus uptake and thus largely reduces the amount of phosphorous fertilizers needed. 

ExploGrow from R 165.00
ExploGrow is a liquid bio-fertiliser with powerful polymicrobial soil beneficial microbes. A revolutionary, 100% organic bio-fertiliser, comprising 17 highly complex natural microbes and is an environmentally friendly soil ameliorant and plant growth stimulant, with increased soil microbial balance properties: contains no growth hormones and no genetically modified organisms. The unique microbial composition places ExploGrow in a league all of its own! Some of the characteristics one can experience when using Explo Grow; Roots typically more than double in size after treatment, reduces the use of chemical fertilizer (N-P-K by 25% - 50%), while rehabilitating the soil & reduces watering requirements (benefits plant growth in drought conditions). As a result, growers achieve much larger crop yields which result in increases in profit per hectare (in several cases over 100%), Improves crop quality, including raising sugar (Brix) content and general nutrition. Soil and plant health optimised Increases the populations of beneficial soil microbes and activity, which in turn enables sustainable agriculture.  Certified Organic: This enables "certified organic" farmers to enjoy the benefits of ExploGrow™. Suitable for organic farming according to European Organic Regulations (EC 834/2007) and the National Organic Program (NOP) regulation. Many farms regularly use microbial fertilizers; however, considering the remarkable results achieved consistently with ExploGrow, it is not merely a microbial bio-fertilizer. ExploGrow unlocks uncharted potential in a new system of biologically focused farming, sustainably. PLEASE NOTE: The bottle is sold 250ml of volume within a 500ml bottle to ensure that the micro-life can breathe. Active Ingredients per container: Confirmed by Genetic Identification Technique • Flavimonas oryzihabitans • Rhizobium radiobacter • Pseudomonas japonica • Bacillus licheniformis • Bacillus thuringiensis • Bacillus cereus • Trichoderma virens • Trichoderma harzianum • Trichoderma aureoviride • Sinorhizobium americanum • Azotobacter vinelandii • azospirillum humicireducens • Azorhizophilus paspali • Ensifer numidicus • Ensifer meliloti • Ensifer fredii  Natural organic carbon carrier 100g/kg. Government Approved: ExploGrow ™ is fully approved by:  South Africa: Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (DAFF). Reg. No. B4807.  Denmark: Ministry of Environment and Food (MEF). Product-number: LB96  Namibia: Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry (MAWF). Reg. No. N-F 1005- ExploGrow  Vietnam: [Pending Approval] Plant Protection Department (PPD), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). Valid for certified organic farming according to EC 834/2007 and NOP regulation.    "The unique microbial composition places ExploGrow™ in a league all of its own". Dr Stephanus Malherbe, BSc; BSc Hons.; MSc (Microbiology); Pr.Sci.Nat. (Agricultural Science); PhD (Agronomy).
Madagascan Bat Guano from R 205.00
Madagascan Bat Guano is a premium organic flowering and fruiting fertilizer. Bat Guano is a powerful fertilizer as it is generally found in caves and has not yet been leached by rain. It consists of insects and other bat food sources with the remains of the bats themselves. It decomposes quickly and builds up in a slightly acidic layer on the floor of the cave.  Guano has lost its popularity due to the cheaper chemical fertilizers on the market but it is slowly gaining its status back as the environmental damage caused by chemical fertilizers has become increasingly evident. Bat Guano is completely environmentally friendly, which will significantly improve any soil to which it is added and will increase the flavor and quality of the product as well as increase disease resistance. Due to the high phosphate, it is prized as a flowering and fruiting fertilizer that can greatly improve your flowering and fruiting set with higher yields. Madagascan Bat Guano is specially selected and is amongst the richest in the world. Very high in calcium and phosphorus and has significant amounts of nitrogen and potassium as well as a broad range of other macro and micronutrients.  Directions for use: When used as an amendment or for preparing your super soil or living craft soil use one teaspoon (15ml) per liter of soil. To brew Guano Tea you would use one tablespoon (15ml) per liter of water. Use as a top dressing, dig lightly into the soil as required, and water in the bat guano. Use your discretion on the amount you use, less is always more when it comes to adding fertilizers or amendments. NPK 3-13-4 N - 29g/kg P - 60g/kg K - 34g/kg Ca - 170g/kg S - 37g/kg  
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Vermipure Worm Tea Compost R 95.00
Wurmbosch Vermipure Worm Tea-Natures best-kept secret. Vermipure is a 100% organic liquid plant fertilizer, additive, and plant food stimulant. It contains natural trace elements, micro, and macronutrients, which are very beneficial for the plants growing and fruiting. These nutrients are easily accessible and are fully absorbed by all parts of the plant. This has a wide range of applications as an organic fertilizer in agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, and for home use. Vermipure is not harmful to children, birds, bees or animals and will not burn delicate plants, seedlings or cuttings.   Directions for use:   Shake well before using. Mix 20ml (1tbs) with 1 liter of water and apply as required. Vermioure can be used as a drench feed or a foliar feed. Size: 2L  
DriKelp - Kelp Flakes from R 99.00
DriKelp Kelp flakes is 100% organic dried Ecklonia maxima, harvested in South Africa this is nature's own natural microbial stimulant, which builds up humus in the soil—providing macro and micronutrients. DriKelp is a slow-release plant food that has excellent water retention ability. NPK rich and the full range of amino acids. Natural growth hormones, auxins, and cytokinins are present and easily taken up by plants. It helps with increasing nutrient uptake of the plant, stronger root, and leaf growth. Apply to pots, flowers, crops, and lawn, repeat every 2-3 weeks. DriKelp can be mixed into soil or sprinkled on top, water generously once applied.  Soil Volume       Qty DriKelp required 1L Pot                 2.5ml 10L Pot               20ml 1m2                    40ml (25g) 35m2                  1L (500g) 180m2                5L (2.5kg)    
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Bone Meal from R 35.00
Bone Meal is a highly effective organic fertilizer that is a great source of phosphorus, essential for ensuring that plants' flowers grow bigger and more plentiful. With a typical NPK ratio of 3-15-0, it can increase the amount of phosphorus in your grow medium, giving your flowering plants the boost they need to thrive. Before adding Bone Meal to your grow medium, it's important to have your soil tested to ensure that its pH level is below 7. If the pH is higher, the efficacy of Bone Meal may be significantly reduced. Once you have corrected your pH, you can safely add Bone Meal at a rate of about 4.5kg per 9 square meters of area. The fertilizer will continue to release phosphorus into the soil for up to 4 months after application, providing long-lasting benefits for your plants. Bone Meal can also be used to balance out high nitrogen levels in your soil. Organic amendments such as manure often provide a great source of nitrogen but can be lacking in phosphorus, making Bone Meal an ideal addition to achieve a perfect balance. Available in convenient 2kg and 5kg bags, Bone Meal is an excellent choice for gardeners looking for an organic, effective, and easy-to-use fertilizer to promote healthy and abundant blooms in their flowering plants.
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Biodyne Environoc 401 Microbes R 244.00
Biodyne ENVIRONOC 401 microbes is a biostimulant that can take your gardening and agriculture to the next level. With over 25 strains of beneficial microbes, this specially assembled consortium is designed to promote successful crop production, naturally. ENVIRONOC 401 contains trillions of non-genetically modified, non-pathogenic, naturally occurring microbes that have been specifically chosen to work together and provide your plants with optimal growing conditions. These beneficial microbes produce enzymes that enhance nitrogen stabilization and atmospheric nitrogen fixation, making it easier for your plants to access essential nutrients. Additionally, the microbes release phosphate that is normally unavailable to plants, promoting root growth and providing plants with essential amino acids and proteins. With ENVIRONOC 401, you can be confident that your plants are receiving the best possible care. ENVIRONOC 401 is easy to use and can be applied to various gardening and agriculture practices. It is suitable for soil preparation for seed germination and transplanting, home and commercial garden amendment for general plant health, and home and commercial lawn application for general health and reduced fertilizer needs. ENVIRONOC 401 promotes early growth, faster flowering, and more abundant flowers. It can even reduce soil herbicides and pesticides that tend to accumulate over time with regular use. To use ENVIRONOC 401, simply dip seedlings into a 1:20 diluted product before planting. This will ensure that your plants have a healthy start and will promote optimal growth. Try Biodyne ENVIRONOC 401 microbes today and see the difference that a natural, diverse team of beneficial microbes can make for your gardening and agriculture needs.
LiquiCompost from R 199.00
LiquiCompost phyto-fulvic acid and micro-nutrient LiquiCompost is an organic Phyto-Fulvic acid chelated macro and micro-nutrient product that is soluble in water. LiquiCompost helps with the uptake of nutrients due to the chelating properties of fulvic acid. This, in turn, promotes faster germination and stimulates the root zone allowing fast root and shoot development. The fulvic acid and Kelp content also stimulates microbial activity within the soil. Additionally, due to strong chelating characteristics, it neutralizes mineral nutrients in the ground, assisting with managing and preventing insoluble salts from building up in the soil. LiquiCompost will obtain the minerals in a water-soluble form for maximum uptake. LiquiCompost organic fertilizer contains Ecklonia Kelp which promotes cell division and translocation of nutrients within the plant and encourages lateral root development. Directions for use: Use LiquiCompost during the vegetative stage of the plant. For best results use in conjunction with Biophos Repro during flowering. Shake well be use! LiquiCompost product is totally soluble in water The nutrient guide on the bottle gives a general guideline of how to use the product. Please note that the product guide was not intended as a comprehensive grow guide, but rather a brief to ensure correct usage of the product. For best results, refer to your EC Meter pen, adjust pH (5.8-6.2), and EC MAX (1.5-1.8) Plants at various stages of growth have unique feeding ranges, so gradually increase the EC to an optimum level that is comfortable to the cultivar or plant. LiquiCompost can be used in soil, hydro and as a foliar application. Foliar Feeding: 5-10ml per litre of water. Do not apply to wilted plants or during the peak period of the day. Apply foliar feed early in the morning or late afternoon. The nutrients in the solution and can be accessed via the roots when applied to the soil and via the leaves if used as a foliar spray or while foliar feeding. Composition:                                                                    Nitrogen (N)          25.8 g/kg Phosphorous (P)       2.2 g/kg                   Potassium (K)          6.2 g/kg                            Magnesium (Mg        0.1 g/kg        Zinc (Zn)            135 mg/kg Iron (Fe)             115 mg/kg Manganese (Mn)      53 mg/kg Copper (Cu)          61 mg/kg Boron (B)            251 mg/kg Molybdenum (Mo    160 mg/kg Cobalt (Co)           31 mg/kg Nickel (Ni)            33 mg/kg Ecklonia Kelp      1.805 mg/kg Phytofulvic Acid      12% Product Properties: S.G:         1.22 ± 0.1 pH:          4.4 ± 0.1 Appearance:  Dark Brown thick Liquid   LiquiCompost is available in: 1 Liter & 5 Liter  Store in a cool, dry place, at optimal temperatures of 13ºC – 25ºC out of direct sunlight.
Sea Rock Liquid Kelp R 125.00
Sea-Rock liquid kelp is made from wet Ecklonia maxima, a seaweed suspension containing auxins for use on various crops, which goes through a milling process to produce a smooth green organic plant stimulant that is compatible with most fertilizer regimes. Liquid kelp stimulants have a growth effect on plants, increasing root growth and mass, resulting in a stronger, healthier plant producing a more significant yield. The natural chelating agent assists with relief of transplant shock & promotes overall plant health The benefits of Sea-Rock liquid kelp: Increased nutrient uptake. Promotes stronger root and plant growth. Excellent for new plants, seedlings, and transplants. It contains all the naturally occurring substances and natural plant growth stimulants found in seaweed. It improves disease and pest resistance. Improved water retention. Directions for use: Sea Rock is readily taken up by the plant and is formulated for use as both a foiler feed and as a soil drench. It will be advisable to do a miscibility test before mixing Sea Rock with other chemicals. The rate of application is dependant on the plant growth stage, stress levels and reaction required. The lower feeds should be used for maintenance while the higher feeds will enable the crop to overcome severe stress periods. Sea Rock should preferably be applied in the early morning or late afternoon. Sea Rock is not an extract, but a suspension of Ecklonia maxima which includes all the natural plant growth stimulants, and other occurring substances and stimulants in seaweed. Sea Rock may be used in a 7 to 14-day cycle, during the period of high plant stress, germination, transplanting, bud formation, fruit set, rapid development and during the period when low temperatures are problematic. Typical Analysis Nitrogen (N) 1.1g/kg - 1.1g/L Phosphorous (P) 96.4g/kg - 97.4g/L Potassium (K) 1.3g/kg - 1.3g/L Sulphur (S) 381.2mg/kg - 385mg/L Biological Activity: Auxins 0.287mg/L Registered Group 2 fertilizer (B5116, Act 36 of 1947) Certified organic and can safely be used in organic farming.
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