Jiffy Peat Pellet from R 2.00
Jiffy Peat Pellets are the very best for seed starting! Each one contains weed-free professional grade Canadian Sphagnum peat. Jiffy Pellets are perfect for propagation and come wrapped in a bio degradable netting. They come in four different sizes being the 20mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm. Add water and the Jiffy Peat Pellets quickly swell to 7 x it's original size to become a perfect self contained pot with its own perfect medium for starting seeds. Seeds are nurtured within the pellet to germinate faster into young seedlings. Roots emerge easily through the porous walls of the pellet as a result of the enhanced air circulation created by the unique design and characteristics of the Jiffy Peat Pellet. The superior root development then assures stronger, healthier plants for transplanting. The Jiffy Peat Pellet - complete with the started plant inside - goes directly into the ground. As a result, no transplant shock occurs, and the plant has full vigor to mature faster. All the young, tender roots remain totally intact.
Rockwool Starter Plug R 2.50
Stonewool/Rockwool is recognised the world over as the ideal hydroponics growing substrate. Rockwool is known for it’s quality, consistency and performance against other substrates. Rockwool is manufactured by melting basaltic rock and spinning the molten mix into fibers which are then air cooled and compressed into the blocks we use today. By adjusting the amount of pressure, the density of the medium is adjusted. The large slabs can be cut into smaller slabs and propagation blocks for easy handling in the hydroponic and horticulture industry. Environmentally friendly. Light weight. Naturally a medium with plenty of aeration. Easy to handle, cut and install. Comes in a range of sizes from propagation cubes to large slabs. Please note that these are sold individually per block. There are 98 rockwool cubes per sheet.
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Sterile Disposable Scalpel R 119.00
A Sterile Disposable Scalpel is a very sharp cloning knife with a stainless steel blade. Perfect for taking cuttings and cloning plants. What's in the box: Box of 10 Sterile Disposable Scalpels
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Cut-Copy Rooting Gel from R 80.00
Cut-Copy Rooting Gel is designed to stimulate root development within days of taking your cuttings. Say goodbye to buying seedlings, germination and seed collection, and welcome Cut-Copy advanced rooting formulation. Designed to help you save your plant genetics and speed up grow cycles by cutting down on lengthy germination periods. Cut-Copy contains ingredients that are the most effective and widely used rooting accelerators in the world. Cloning gel is used widely to promote and accelerate root formation of plant clippings and to reduce transplant shock of nonfood ornamental nursery stock. It can be used on fruit or vegetable crops, field crops and ornamental plants to promote growth, development of flowers and fruit as well as increasing crop yields. How to use: Decant a small amount of gel into a shot glass. Using a sharp and sterile instrument, take a clean 45° cut. Immediately transfer the cutting into the gel and leave it there while searching for the next cutting. This will allow the gel to take full effect and will seal the stem, preventing an air bubble from travelling up the stem which can kill your cutting. Place your cutting into an inert medium such as a Coco Peat Pellet or a Rockwool Starter Plug and place them onto a Propagation Tray. Cover your cuttings with a dome to keep the humidity high until the cuttings have rooted. If you live in a cold climate you can introduce a heating mat underneath your propagation tray to supply them with heat from underneath. This will give you the best results. Place your cutting in a warm, low light area. Within a couple of days you should see roots developing. This is your sign of success. For more information see our Guide to Successful Rooted Cuttings
Plant Marker from R 30.00
Plant Markers are perfect for labeling and keeping track of multiple plant varieties within your grow. Size – 16 x 7cm. Available in packs of 10 or 100. Growing many plant varieties? Use our plant markers to label plant names, germination dates, possible harvest dates and/or plant special requirements.  
Heat Mat R 195.00
Heat Mat, a crucial tool for ensuring the success of your seedlings and clones. With the ability to provide a consistent temperature, this mat promotes optimal germination rates and effectively roots cuttings. Measuring at 35 x 35cm, this heating mat can provide a temperature range of 35-40°C, perfect for plants that require warmer environments for successful germination. Utilizing a Heat Mat is especially helpful when planting in colder climates, where the temperature may fluctuate, interrupting the sprouting process. By maintaining the ideal temperature, the Heat Mat guarantees a healthy and vigorous root system, ensuring that your plants get off to a good start. Furthermore, utilizing a Heat Mat may shave a few days off your planting schedule if you are starting your seeds late indoors. You may also extend your sowing season with the use of a Heat Mat. Please note that a standard plug will be required to operate the Heat Mat. Don't let fluctuating temperatures hinder the success of your plants.
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High Top Propagator Dome R 99.00 R 300.00
High Top Propagation Dome is perfect for germinating and propagating seedlings and cuttings.  The humidity dome helps improve the germination rate by maintaining humidity and temperature to enhance and maximize the germination rate under the propagation dome. This clear dome allows for light to pass through while still maintaining the temperatures and humidity by trapping heat and moisture levels for optimum germination. Propagation Tray and Dome is ideal for successfully starting seeds or rooting cuttings. 5 of these seedling trays (sold separately) fit perfectly into the propagator tray. Humidity domes are very useful when you are using a Heating Mat underneath your tray to aid in seed germination and root development in colder climates. The dome will help prevent your medium from drying out too quickly. You also do not want your medium to stay too wet during germination as this could lead to your seed rotting. As soon as your seeds develop their second set of leaves (true leaves) you can remove the dome. Leaving it on for too long may result in fungal growth. Tips for rooting Cuttings/Clones: Humidity - High humidity levels help reduce water loss from the leaves but too much humidity can also encourage plant disease to multiply. Remove the dome once a day to air out the tray and wipe off any condensation that has collected on the inside of the dome as it will interfere with the light reaching the cuttings. Cuttings will not be able to spend their whole lives under the dome so as soon as your cutting has rooted take off the dome to start allowing it to adapt to life out in the open. Heat - Cold temperatures will slow down root formation so it is always advisable to use a heat mat underneath your Humidity Dome to introduce some warmth. Too much heat however will force the cuttings to produce top growth instead of roots which will use up food reserves in the cutting. Light - They will require a low light area so you can introduce a low-intensity light such as a CFL (Compact Fluorescent) if you don't have an area that gets low-intensity light naturally. If you are incorporating a CFL light be sure to have it no closer than 30cm away from the dome. Keeping things sterile - Before a cutting has rooted it is incredibly susceptible to infection, just like an open wound, so all equipment used during the process should be sterilised. When using our Cut-Copy Rooting gel always decant some into a shot glass rather than dipping the cutting straight into the bottle to prevent contaminating the whole bottle. Watering - Cuttings will not require any nutrients until they have established roots and in fact prefer an inert medium to root in. The main reason plants form roots is to search for water so be sure not to over-water in the initial stages. Rather get a spray bottle and mist the leaves as this is how they will 'drink' until their roots have established to serve that purpose. Dimensions 38cm x 28cm x 17cm For more information on how to successfully root your cuttings check out our Guide to Successful Rooted Cuttings   Dimensions: L 550mm W 290mm H 240mm
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Spray Bottle 750ml R 29.00
Spray Bottles are generally used as misters in propagation of cuttings/clones and for foliar feeding. 750ml bottle with adjustable spray nozzle.
DynaRoot Rooting Gel Hormone from R 175.00
DynaRoot Rooting Gel is a growth-regulating hormone used to stimulate the fast and prolific rooting of plant cuttings. This is a high-performance, water-based rooting gel that will remain in contact with the stem of cuttings by actually sealing the cut tissue and then supplying the correct hormones to promote root cell development and vitamins to protect the delicate root tissue. This can be used on all semi-hardwood plant cuttings, including woody, herbaceous, and flowing ornamental species, vegetables, fruit trees, and nut trees. The active ingredient is Indole-3Ibutyric Acid (IBA) & Napthyl Acetic Acid (NAA) Initial trials with DynaRoot Rooting Gel showed fantastic results with cannabis propagation.  How to use: Decant a small amount of DynaRoot into a separate container to avoid contaminating the DynaRoot container. When preparing to take cuttings make sure to have a sharp clean and sterile instrument that can make a clean cut when doing your 45° cut before dipping into the DynaRoot Gel. Once the cut has been taking at 45° place it into the DynaRoot Rooting gel immediately to sell the cut air and to avoid an air bubble traveling up your stem which could kill your cutting. Place the cutting into a jiffy peat pellet or a Rockwool cube for best results. You can then cover your cutting with a humidity dome of the sort to maintain a higher humidity until the cuttings have rooted. Introducing a heating mate under your humidity dome will also work great to maintain the room temperature and allow for a faster healthier rooted cutting. Place the cuttings and the dome in a warm low light area for best results. Roots should be developed within a couple of days and this is a sign of success.    
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Seedling Heat Mat R 345.00
Seedling Heat Mat / pad for better plant growth and flower or seed germination during the cooler months. Warms root area 10 to 20 degrees over ambient heating temperature. Increases the success of seedlings and cuttings  Durable construction, waterproof and easy cleaning Can be placed in many different sizes of seedling bowl Size: 25cm (W) x 53cm (L) Wattage: 18W Temperature: 68-108°F / 20-42°C EU Standard Adapter
Jiffy Peat Preforma Glue Plug from R 3.50
Jiffy Peat Preforma Glue Plugs are an extremely uniform substrate. The plug is structured with hundreds of micro air pockets evenly distributed throughout the plug. The glue plugs are perfect for clones or cutting and will stimulate vigorous root growth throughout the full depth and volume of the plug. With the Jiffy Peat Preforma Glue Plugs substrate been fully bound, transplanting is easy. The glue plugs dont have the net around them, allowing for optimum root development for when you pot them up in the final growing medium Cuttings growing in glue plugs produce noticeably cleaner callous than others in different substrates. The active root callous are noticeably increased and stimulates fast multiple root development.
Bottle Top Waterer R 25.00
Bottle Top Waterer, the essential tool for any home gardener looking for a simple, yet effective watering solution. This small, portable device is perfect for watering small potted plants, germinating seeds, clones/cuttings in Coco Peat Pellets, or watering small potted plants like succulents. Its unique sprinkler nozzle allows for even water distribution, without damaging the surface of the growing medium. The product's ability to control water flow is one of its most notable features. You can easily control the flow of water to guarantee that your plants receive the ideal amount of hydration by simply adjusting the pressure applied to the bottle when you squeeze it. Particularly for young or delicate plants that need more precise watering, this level of precision is helpful. The Bottle Top Waterer is also incredibly adaptable. It attaches to the majority of common plastic bottles, including 330ml, 500ml, 1L, and 2L sizes from well-known soft drink producers. This makes it a great option for those who want to reduce waste by reusing empty bottles because you can use whatever size bottle you have on hand.
ROOT!T First Feed - for Young Plants 125ml R 149.00
Root!t first feed is an essential nutrient and the first feed for plants. It contains everything that a plant requires for a healthy growing plant. Seeds contain enough energy and nutrients to germinate and make a good start. Root!t first feed will supply all the essential nutrients that small plants require. It contains Humid and Fulvic Acid to give the best start in life and a key ratio of Boron to Calcium to promote a fast healthy root system. Vitamin B1 improves seedling strength and helps promote a naturally healthy plant resistance to infection and disease.  After the first true leaves appear the plant begins to demand a little more. Good light, right temperatures, and a small dose of food will keep the plants healthy and strong ready for transplant.  This can also be used as a pre-soak for Rockwool and Jiffy’s. 
Jiffy Peat Pots R 1.50
Jiffy Peat Pots provides a peat-free product alternative to standard jiffy products. The Peat Pots allow for faster root penetration through the pot's walls, ideal for short-term crops and quicker, easier transplanting or when potting. Water distribution through the Peat Pots is faster and more uniform, making them suitable for submerged flower beds or even for plants needing a more precise watering regime. With the roots growing through the natural sidewall of the Peat Pots they air prune stimulating more fibrous root development than in plastic pots. There is no need to for de-poting for transplant. Quicker root development.
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Seedling Sprout Tray R 5.50
Seeding sprout tray perfect for germinating microgreens, herbs and other vegetables. These seedling trays promote adequate drainage thorugh it slatted base design.
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