Autopot 4Pot System - with AutoPot 47L Tank R 2,550.00
Autopot 4Pot System with AutoPot 47L Tank - the ultimate hydroponic solution that will revolutionize your plant cultivation. Designed to meet the demands of both seasoned gardeners and beginners alike, this system combines innovation, versatility, and convenience to help your plants thrive and outperform the competition. By following SEO rules, we've crafted an extended description that will boost your online presence and help you outrank competitors on the internet. With the Autopot 4Pot System, you'll unlock a world of possibilities for your plants. Whether you're nurturing seasonal flowering plants or tending to perennial shrubs, this system is incredibly versatile and caters to a wide range of plant types and sizes. Thanks to the unique action of the AQUAvalve, your plants will experience a perfect wet and dry cycle, allowing them to flourish and produce an abundance of blooms and foliage like never before. What sets the Autopot 4Pot System apart is its scalability and adaptability. It's incredibly easy to extend this system by linking multiple pots to a single tank. You can create a layout that perfectly suits your growing needs by utilizing either 9mm or 16mm pipe options. Need to make adjustments as your plants grow? No problem! The pots and trays can be effortlessly moved and spaced further apart to accommodate their expanding size. Setting up the Autopot 4Pot System is a breeze. Simply fill the 47L tank with water and your preferred liquid feed, and let this highly versatile system take care of all your plants' needs. The AQUAvalve technology ensures that your plants receive just the right amount of water and nutrients, promoting healthy growth and maximizing their potential. All you need to do is remember to occasionally refill the tank, and you can sit back and enjoy the remarkable results. Included in the Autopot 4Pot System package are essential components that guarantee optimal performance and ease of use. You'll receive a 47L tank with a lid and a 9mm top hat grommet for secure and efficient water flow. The 9mm golf filter ensures clean and debris-free water, while the 9mm tee and cross connectors facilitate smooth connections between pots and trays. With the 9mm inline taps, you have complete control over water distribution, allowing you to fine-tune the system to your plants' specific requirements. The package also includes four 1Pot trays with lids and 9mm top hat grommets, along with four 15-liter pots for spacious and comfortable plant growth. The AQUAvalve5, combined with the four root control discs and matrix discs, creates an optimal growing environment, promoting healthy root development and preventing root rot. Additionally, you'll receive a 4-meter length of 9mm pipe, ensuring sufficient coverage for your layout. Invest in the Autopot 4Pot System today and gain a competitive edge in the world of hydroponic gardening. With its unparalleled features, ease of use, and exceptional results, this system is a game-changer. Outrank your competitors and achieve remarkable plant growth all year round. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your cultivation techniques. Shop now and experience the revolution of hydroponics with the Autopot 4Pot System with AutoPot 47L Tank. 4Pot System includes: 1x 47ltr tank, lid & 9mm top hat grommet 1x 9mm golf filter 4x 9mm tee 2x 9mm cross connector 2x 9mm inline taps 4x 1Pot tray, lid & 9mm top hat grommet 4x 15 litre pots 4x AQUAvalve5 4x root control discs 4x marix discs 1x 4 metre length of 9mm pipe 9mm pipe – Outside Diameter 9mm/Inside Diameter 7mm 16mm pipe – Outside Diameter 16mm/Inside Diameter 13mm  
Autopot 9mm Top Hat Grommet R 10.00
Top Hat Grommets provide a water tight connection using 9mm or 6mm pipe with the 30 & 47 L plastic reservoirs. The Top Hat Grommet is positioned at the bottom of the reservoir. All AutoPot 30 & 47 L plastic reservoirs are now supplied drilled and with 9mm Top Hat Grommets. If fitting a 9mm grommet (for AQUAvalve5) to an existing/non-AutoPot plastic reservoir drill out to 12.5mm diameter. If fitting a 6mm grommet (for older, pre Aug 2020 AQUAvalves) to an existing/non-AutoPot plastic reservoir drill out to 10mm diameter. The grommet is then inserted into the hole and a length of 9mm or 6mm pipe (according to the grommet used) is then pushed through the grommet. Push the pipe all the way through the grommet so that you can see the tube protruding inside the reservoir.
Autopot AQUAvalve5 R 180.00
New AQUAvalve5 – compatible with 9mm pipe and fittings Power-Free Once connected to the water supply, the AQUAvalve in every AutoPot Watering System controls the flow of water to the plants by simple gravity pressure from a reservoir of any size. No pumps, mains water pressure, electricity or timers are ever required. Plant Controlled AQUAvalve is an exceptionally responsive means of feeding. It opens to supply water to a 20mm depth and then closes. Once the plants have used that supply the AQUAvalve reopens to repeat the cycle. No need to second guess plant requirements, compensate for conditions or recalibrate unnecessary pumps or computers. AQUAvalve5 – a 66% Bigger Inlet The needs of growers are ever-evolving, served by an increasingly diverse range of nutrients. With a 5mm inlet, the new AQUAvalve5 rises to the challenge of delivering the widest range of nutrients in a faster flow for a quicker fill, maximising system efficiency. Maintenance is reduced and the risk of blockages minimised. Compatibility AutoPot Watering Systems, System Modules, and Watering Kits are now supplied as standard with the large-bore AQUAvalve5 and with 9mm, 9-16mm, and 16mm pipework and fittings. The original AQUAvalve, the 6mm pipework and 6mm fittings previously supplied with the AutoPot range are still available as spares, as are 16mm-6mm fittings. Your existing 1Pot, XL, XL SmartPot, and easy2grow trays, pots and lids will accommodate the new AQUAvalve5, the 9mm fittings and 9mm pipe. The design of these is unchanged. Newly sold Tray Systems, AQUAbox Straight, AQUAbox Spyder, and 47L/30L Tanks are drilled out to accept 9mm pipe and fittings. Your existing Tray System, AQUAbox Straight, and AQUAbox Spyder will fit AQUAvalve5 but will need existing holes drilling out to 12.5mm. Use a 9mm Grommet and 9mm Golf Filter to run 9mm pipe required for AQUAvalve5. Your existing 47L/30L Tanks need existing holes drilling out to 12.5mm. Use a 9mm Grommet and 9mm Golf Filter to run 9mm pipe required for AQUAvalve5. FlexiTank and FlexiTank Pro Couplers are unchanged. Only in the event of connecting directly to 9mm pipe do they require the new 16mm-9mm Filter and Adapter.
Autopot Replacement AQUAbox Straight Matting - 1200mm x 45mm R 95.00
The straight capillary mat is designed to distribute water over an area of 1sq/m for narrow areas or growing plants in straight lines. The replacement matting is supplied in 1200mm x 45mm lengths. If using under a growbag to irrigate your plants, the matting does not need to be cut. If using in a narrow raised bed as shown below, simply cut the matting in half.
Autopot 9mm In-Line Tap R 25.00
Compatible with AQUAvalve5 – 9mm pipe and fittings 9mm tap are a very useful accessory. They can be inserted in-line just after the connection to the 30 or 47 L plastic reservoirs. This allows you to turn off the water supply if you need to undertake any maintenance. They can also be added to the end of a layout so that now and again you can open the tap and allow the lines to be flushed, removing a sediment or lime scale build-up that might occur over time. This will only take a couple of minutes and only needs to be done every couple of weeks.
Autopot easy2GO Kit R 295.00
easy2GO can be installed anywhere in the home, greenhouse, conservatory or patio and multiple kits can be linked together to keep larger volumes of plants watered while you’re away. This inexpensive, flexible system can be assembled in minutes and contains all fittings required to connect to a reservoir of your choice. You simply need a water container with a minimum 30 litre capacity and a flat based gardening tray with a minimum depth of 30mm. easy2GO Kit includes: 1x AQUAvalve5 1x AQUAvalve Cover 1x Circular Spirit Level 1x 16mm-9mm Inline Filter  1x 9mm Golf Filter 1x 9mm Top Hat Grommet 1.5m of 9mm Pipe If you would like to connnect this to a male hose connection, we suggest additionally ordering the Click-Fit Adapter & Filter
Autopot Replacement AQUAvalve Silicone - Top Float R 6.00
A replacement silicone for the AQUAvalve5. AQUAvalve5 Top Float ONLY The AQUAvalve silicones are inserted into the recesses in the top & bottom floats of the AQUAvalve.
Clear Propogation Lid for 8.5ltr / 15ltr Pots R 75.00
This propagation lid is tailor-made for an 8.5 L or 15 L pot, designed to be fitted during the crucial early weeks whilst plants are getting established in your system. The lids help to generate the humidity that young plants crave. Humidity is an essential part of the micro-environment close to leaves. Lack of humidity directly around plants is perhaps the number one cause of poor growth – as leaves curl to protect the plant and transpiration stops. Your environment, system, and nutrients may be perfect but without local humidity growth can stall. With the help of propagation lids, and the humidity they confer, your plants can quickly take hold, fill out, and enjoy a fantastically sound basis for further vigorous growth.
Autopot Replacement AQUAvalve Silicone - Bottom Float R 6.00
A replacement silicone for the AQUAvalve5. AQUAvalve5 Bottom Float ONLY The AQUAvalve silicones are inserted into the recesses in the top & bottom floats of the AQUAvalve.
Autopot 9mm Cross Connector R 12.50
Compatible with AQUAvalve5 – 9mm pipe and fittings A 9mm cross connector supplied individually and used to connect four pieces of pipe together. These are useful along with the 9mm tee connectors as they provide the user with the ability to create a layout to suit his or her needs.
Autopot 25L XL Pot R 140.00
A replacement 25ltr XL Pot to fit AutoPot XL modules and systems. We recommend fitting PotSock Round to the base of XL Pots for superior root control.
Autopot 1Pot XL Tray R 225.00
A replacement 1Pot XL Tray as supplied with AutoPot XL modules and systems. The 1Pot XL Tray accepts a 25ltr XL Pot or an AQUAplate Circle Kit (pot and circle kit not included). The tray requires an AQUAvalve (not included) and fittings (including a 9mm top hat grommet) in order to function as part of an AutoPot Watering System.
Autopot 9mm Straight Connector R 5.00
Compatible with AQUAvalve5 – 9mm pipe and fittings Straight connectors are simply used to connect two pieces of pipe together, allowing for virtually seamless system extension.
Autopot 9mm Co-Extruded Pipe per 1m - Blue R 22.00
All AutoPot Watering Systems, Modules and Kits are now supplied with 9mm pipe and fittings suitable for AQUAvalve5. Compatible with AQUAvalve5 – 9mm pipe and fittings 9mm pipe features co-extruded construction and metre markings for ease of measuring. 9mm pipe has an outside diameter of 9mm and an internal diameter of 7mm. The composite and design of the pipe has been chosen to complement the AutoPot range and to ensure that easy connection is achieved and that water flow is at its maximum. 6mm pipe remains available for those running older systems featuring pre-August 2020 AQUAvalves.
Autopot 9mm Golf Filter Complete R 55.00
The 9mm Golf Filter is for use with 30 L & 47 L plastic reservoirs. It is inserted into the pipe end inside the reservoir once the pipe is pushed through the Top Hat Grommet. It can be easily serviced and will float to the top if it comes detached from the tube, this will not happen if you make sure you have pushed the filter firmly into the tube.
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