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How to cool your hot Grow Tent

Gardening in a grow tent offers a number of unique advantages to outdoor gardening, there’s fewer pests, requires less space, not as messy, and it gives you more control over the climate. However, some people may run into a heat problem when setting up their grow tent. With four walls creating an air-tight seal, grow tents naturally seem to trap thermal energy. Too much heat could have a negative effect on the growth of your plants, which is why you must address this little issue.

How to cool your hot grow tent:

There are a few reasons why the temperature in your grow room could be exceeding normal levels, one of which is related to the lighting. Using the wrong lighting will naturally make the atmosphere warmer. HPS, HID and incandescent lighting are all known to emit a moderate amount of heat while they run. If your grow tent is too hot, then perhaps you should opt for LED grow lights inside. LED lights stay cool regardless for how long they’ve been on. You can run an LED light for a week straight without it warming up; therefore, it’s a better choice for gardeners dealing with heat problems.

Because LED grow lights run cool, you won’t have to water your plants as frequently. The reduced temperature will result in less water evaporation, so don’t make the mistake of overwater your plants. It’s not uncommon for people to accidentally overwater their plants after switching from HID or HPS lighting to LEDs.

Another solution for cooling off a hot grow tent is to adjust your fan setup. It’s not uncommon for exhaust fan to blow out hot air out of a grow tent only to have it sucked up and blown back into the grow tent. This cycle will inevitably raise the temperature inside your grow tent. Carefully inspect your exhaust fan setup to see where exactly the inside air is being blown to. Ideally, the exhaust should empty away from vent that’s sucking air into your grow tent. If these two areas are close to one another, you’ll need to move them apart.

Reducing the temperature of air blowing inside your grow tent is key to creating a cooler atmosphere. Go around to the outside of your grow tent to see exactly how cool the air is. If it’s room temperature, then you may have a problem. Reducing the temperature of the air going inside your grow tent will have a huge impact on the overall atmosphere.

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