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Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton
Our Grow Shop in Johannesburg is Now Open - Visit Us: Wynberg, Sandton
Metal Fans for Ventilation in a Grow Room

Indoor Grow Ventilation Systems

Air circulation in your grow room is extremely important when growing indoor plants. The air flow is crucial to crop health and development, proper air circulation has to be maintained to bring in oxygen and carbon dioxide and vent the stale, odor laden air through an exhaust extractor system.

Not only does great ventilation assist the plants with their respiration, but also helps the grower to keep the air temperature & humidity down. Pests and insects thrive in over-humid conditions, so adequate air circulation and extraction would be your first line of defense and will prevent damage to your plants in the long run.

The plants you home in grow rooms and greenhouses may produce pungent unwanted odours during growing and especially during flowering. The odours are produced by many plants and vegetables (cabbage for example). Unless removed, the odour can be a nuisance to your neighbourhood. We would in this case make use of  Activated carbon filters filled with pellets, they offer ideal solutions to odour and air borne contaminate problems. Carbon pellets absorb impurities to the extent of about 20 to 40% of their own weight and also act against mold and bacterial contamination in greenhouses and grow rooms.

The best results with carbon filters are obtained with these are used in conjunction with an exhaust system such as an inline duct fan, which cleans the air as it is extracted from the grow room. With this method all stale air gets exhausted and freshly oxygenated, C02 rich air is continually introduced into the grow room.

We supply all you need to ensure great ventilation to your indoor garden.

  • Carbon Scrubber Air Filters
  • In Line Duct Extractor Fans
  • Plain Ducting

We also offer a range of indoor & outdoor cultivation equipment in South Africa

Hydro nutrients, grow media, grow tents, LED & HID indoor grow lights, insecticides, hydroponic systems.

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