LED Grow Lights

Grow Guru offers a great range of top quality industry leading LED Grow Lights,  available right here in South Africa.

The advantages of LED Grow Lights :

1. Energy Efficiency

LED lights are much more energy efficient than incandescent, HID or CFL lights,  25%-80% less energy than standard lighting systems.

2. Targeted Wavelengths

LEDs offer more targeted wavelength options that can be optimized for the flowering and vegetative responses you’re after for specific plants. Various light spectra are important to particular plants at specific points in their development. For example, red light stimulates vegetative growth and flowering. Blue light helps to create strong stems and shortened internodal lengths, which enriches the overall plant strength.

3. Increased Lifetime

Our LED Grow Lights last up to 10 times as long as compact fluorescent lamps, and far longer than typical incandescent –  50,000 hours of service life –  Although LED’s are initially more expensive than some other lights, the cost is recouped over time because of the lack of need for frequent lamp replacement, as well as through energy-cost savings.

4. Less Heat & More Light

LED grow lights produce considerably less heat than other lights, reducing your need for additional cooling systems that would be necessary to avoid damaging your plants. General extraction and air exchange is still necessary.

5. Flexible Design

LED illumination can also be used in many ways,  multi-layer vertical systems and inter-lighting designs between plants. Fixtures themselves can be designed in a multitude of customisable options, depending on any number of factors, including desired photomorphological responses, spacing considerations and energy savings desired.

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