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Medical Benefits of Cannabis on the Influenza Virus and the Common Cold

Medical Benefits of Cannabis on the Influenza Virus and the Common Cold

Medical Benefits of Cannabis on the Influenza Virus and the Common Cold

Influenza and the common cold, comes and goes as incessantly as the ebb and flow of the ocean. Although, many resort to over-the-counter medication for symptomatic relief; studies have shown that cannabis may provide an alternative solution.

Studies have shown that the cannabis plant has a plethora of health benefits. Cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG and CBC all help decrease inflammation around the body. Our body’s attempt to fight the cold and flu viruses automatically causes inflammation in the throat, sinuses, nose and lungs. The cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis may help drive down inflammation in these areas, and therefore relieve symptoms like a runny or congested nose. Cannabinoids found in the plant also serve to strengthen the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is essential for regulating the functions of our body, such as appetite, sleep and pain. These healing properties allow cannabis to provide a well-rounded relief from physical symptoms associated with the viruses.

According to Dr. David Allen, cannabinoids like cannbidiol (CBD) helps to improve the immune system’s ability to protect the body from viral infections with cannabis serving as a natural antimicrobial that targets bacteria. Another expert in Cannabis Science, Dr. Robert Melamede, who is also a researcher and past Chairman of the Biology Department at the University of Colorado Springs (UCCS), states that cannabis can also be used to treat more serious influenza strains such as Bird Flu and Swine Flu. Dr. Melamede studies show that cannabinoids decrease the immune systems reaction whilst also preventing over-activity that can have serious and even fatal results.

In 2009 an emerging pharmaceutical cannabis company stated that they had a reason to believe that the production of their non-toxic cannabis lozenge could alleviate the harmful symptoms that come with Bird and Swine flu.

Cannabis Science Inc., President & CEO, Steven W. Kubby said;

“We have the science and preliminary anecdotal results confirming the anti-inflammatory properties of our new lozenges and indicating they may present an effective and non-toxic treatment for minimizing the symptoms and harm from influenza infections. Our lozenges appear to down-regulate the body’s excessive inflammatory response to the influenza virus, which could reduce the deadly consequences of an infection into something that is more like a common cold.”

The company suggests the lozenges decrease the body's excessive inflammatory response to the influenza virus and could reduce the deadly consequences of the virus into something like a common cold

When one is infected with any type of influenza virus the endocannabinoid system becomes depleted as your body is constantly trying to fight off the virus. By consuming cannabis one can help replenish the endogenous cannabinoids that have been depleted. This allows one to heal faster. Although cannabis cannot cure the flu, it can be said,through extensive research, that cannabis decreases inflammation in the body, providing symptomatic relief

There are a few methods in consuming cannabis for medical benefits. These methods include cannabis tea, cannabis oils, edibles, vaporizing cannabis as well medicated cannabis baths. All of these methods release the THC or CBD compounds in cannabis which provide pain nullifying properties for those who experience any aches associated with the common cold or flu.

There are ten different types of marijuana strains that are said to be most beneficial for medical purposes. These strains are; ACDC, Blackberry Kush, Grape God, Strawberry Cough, Sour Diesel, White Rhino, Super Lemon Haze, Durban Poison, Jack Herer and Berry White.

Hemp-derived CBD include omega 3 fatty acids which can manage inflammation as well as boost the immune system’s defenses against various threats. The CBD components of cannabis, as well as the terpenes found in THC components of the plant, both form a powerful synergy to provide an enhanced boost to the body’s health and ability to combat viruses.

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