Now Stocking the entire Biogrow Organic Range

Environmentally friendly organic gardening is an integrated approach to gardening based on the principle that a healthy environment creates healthy plants

You will be pleased to know we have expanded our organic products and now stock the entire Biogrow range of pesticides , insecticides & herbicides, – Organic garden solutions that work.


Fast Acting, organic, broad spectrum contact insecticide. Kills all stages of insects , including eggs, on contact

Copper Soap

Natural organic fungicide. For the preventative control of fungal diseases. Biodegradable.


A suspension that will stimulate healthy growth and maximise resistance. P,K and trace elements.


Organic Foliar feed N.P.K. 3:1:5:  + trace elements. strengthens the plat & promotes the formation of blooms


Organic rainforest pellets that lure snails and slugs from their hiding planks. Animal and environmentally friendly.


A natural herbicide which kills moss and algae and will control various annual weeds. Fast acting & biodegradable


Bio pesticide for the control of sucking, chewing & biting insects – disrupts behavioural patterns & metabolic activity


Organic, broad spectrum contact insecticide with ovoidal activity. Natural plant oil. Kills all stages of insects


Natural  organic contact insecticide , effective against soft-bodied insects. Very soft on beneficial insects.


Universal compost activator. This product contains compost bacteria, enzymes, fungi cultures and added nutrients which provide an easily digested nutritional medium for the micro-organisms which promote optimum rotting.

Spray Today , Eat Tomorrow!

Available at: Grow Guru 

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