What is the best air pump for hydroponics?

If you’re new to hydroponics, you may have tons of questions and be unsure of what your plants will require in a number of areas.

When Considering purchasing a new air pump check to see what volume of air it pumps per hour,  that will give you a better indication of its performance. Before you buy compare a few to ensure maximum flow and air to your reservoir or root system.

Remember that its always recommended that you aerate your nutrient solution or reservoir, especially in a drain to waste system, your reservoir should have constant aeration.

There are a two different types or air pumps; Magnetic & Electric.

Magnetic pumps push a larger volume of air to your plants, however they are considerably louder, so if noise is a major factor then you should rather consider using multiple electronic air pumps to deliver as much air neccesary to the roots. Electric pumps are practical and also operate much quieter.

 We hope this helps you make an informative decision.

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