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Mycoroot Supreme R 69.00 R 80.00
Premium Mycorrhizal, Mycoroot, is the home of the organic mycorrhizal fungus. Mycoroot Supreme is an organic microbial fertilizer that will help enhance root structure by doubling it in size, boosts yield, and production.   What are Mycorrhizal Fungi? Mycorrhiza means “fungus root.” These are beneficial fungi found in undisturbed soils These fungi form a symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship with 90% of all plant roots The host plant receives mineral nutrients from the fungus The fungus obtains sugars from the host plant There are several types of mycorrhizal associations The most commonly encountered are the arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi.   How do they function? The fungus grows using fungal filaments called hyphae The filaments grow both inside and outside of the roots The fungus is intimately associated with the plant roots Providing a link between the soil and the plant They extend the plant rooting system improving root functions They allow for better exploitation of the soil environment They increase the surface area available for nutrient uptake They make nutrients soluble which usually are not accessible to plant roots They influence the soil environment covered by the fungal filaments Encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria They ward off unwanted organisms which can cause plants diseases Such as eelworms and root rot They produce a biological glue That promotes soil stability and increases moisture penetration and aeration of the soil Characteristic AM fungal structures formed within the roots of a host plant. Characteristic AM fungal structures formed within the roots of a host plant. A = finely branched arbuscules formed within plant cells. V = vesicle produced by some AM fungi required for the storage of carbon compounds. IRH = intraradical hyphae grow between the root cells. These structures are only visible once the roots have been specially prepared in the Mycoroot laboratory and are visible under a high powered microscope.   So what is the problem? Unfortunately, because the soil and the beneficial organisms in this environment will not be regarded as a valuable resource, disturbance, land degradation, and application of chemical inputs, particularly those containing high levels of phosphates, and the non-discriminate use of some pesticides, have resulted in depleted natural populations. So what is the solution? To maximize the benefits from these AM fungi, have the mycorrhizal status of your soil tested.   How to use: Mycoroot is used during transplanting. It helps with plant growth, health, and flowering. Add 5-10ml (1-2 teaspoons) per transplant depending on the size of the plant. Sprinkle at the base of the plant's roots in the whole during transplant and this should stop the shock of transplant, also helps with the uptake of nutrients and water.   Size of container: 200ml
Worm Castings - Wurmbosch from R 95.00
Worm castings is organic waste produced by earthworms, which has been broken down in compost bins or compost heaps. It is natural plant food and is made of 100% worm castings. It is also an excellent soil conditioner. Worm Castings contain water-soluble nutrients and are an excellent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. It is used in farming, and small scale sustainable organic farming projects sometimes referred to as vermicompost.   Benefits of using Organics Worm Compost:   Worm castings have been shown to contain reduced levels of contaminants and a higher saturation of nutrients. They are packed with minerals that are essential for plant growth, such as concentrated nitrates, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. It also contains manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, borax, iron, carbon, and nitrogen. Compost reduces wind and water erosion. Soil temperatures are also moderated, making plants less susceptible to extremes of heat and cold.   Paired well with Mycoroot Supreme, Coco Peat & BioBizz Nutrients   Directions for use: General:   Apply 1kg (about 10% of the bag’s contents) per square meter every 2 to 3 months. Seedlings and bulbs: Make a hole in the ground, place 1 heaped tablespoon (40-50ml) Vermigro in the hole, and plant seedling or bulb directly into it. Potting mix: Enrich your standard potting medium with one-third Vermigro. Potting plants: Feed 1 cup (250ml) per season. Rooting cuttings: Use potting mix to ensure proper drainage. Roses, shrubs, and fruit trees: Scatter approx 500g around the stem/drip nozzle once per growing season. Lawns: Sprinkle approx 250g per square meter. One 10 dm bag will cover 40 meters squared. Planting trees or shrubs: Make a suitable hole. Mix 1 to 2kg Vermigro (depending on the size of the hole) with two-thirds of the topsoil dug from the hole. Feed as above. Germinating seedlings: Enrich your standard seedling medium with 10% Vermigro.   Check out our article on how to make your own Worm Tea using Worm Castings: Worm Tea - Organic Fertiliser - How-To Guide
Volcanic Rock Dust from R 45.00 R 40.00
Volcanic Rock Dust is an organic fertilizer consisting of crushed basalt, a volcanic rock, which contains minerals and trace elements which have been ground into a fine dust. Volcanic Rock Dust can be added to the soil to improve fertility, providing calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium, plus over 70 minerals, trace elements and micronutrients. Gardeners have described this as 'magical'. Volcanic Rock Dust mimics the slow process of the earth's own ecosystem to replenish soils and restore the biosphere. When adding rock dust to the soil it allows for a lot more phosphorus uptake and thus largely reduces the amount of phosphorous fertilizers needed. 

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Bone Meal from R 35.00
Bone Meal is used as an organic fertilizer or amendment and is a great source of Phosphorus to ensure the plants flowers grow bigger and more plentiful. Most Bone Meal has a NPK of 3-15-0 and can be used to increase the amount of Phosphorus in your grow medium. Phosphorus is essential for plants to start their flowering process and will help you flowering plants to grow bigger and more plentiful flowers. It is important to have your soil tested before you add Bone Meal as it's efficacy will drop significantly if your grow medium's pH is above 7. If you find you have a grow medium higher than 7 rather correct your pH first and then add Bone Meal. You can then add about 4.5kg's of Bone Meal per 9 metre squared area. It will release Phosphorus into the medium for up to 4 months after being applied. It can also be used to balance out high Nitrogen, organic amendments for example manure tends to provide a great source of Nitrogen but is normally lacking in Phosphorus so introducing Bone Meal will help to create a perfect balance. Available in 2 kg and 5 kg bags.
Fine Dolomite Lime R 15.00
Fine Dolomite Lime is an additive made from pulverized limestone. It is mainly used to increase the pH of acidic mediums especially Coco Peat as it is a naturally acidic grow medium. Soil can also become acidic for a number of reasons – acid rain exposure, overuse of fertilizers or other chemicals and after becoming deprived of important nutrients after years of planting and harvesting. Available size: 1kg It increases the pH of acidic mediums. Provides a source of Calcium and Magnesium for plants. It permits improved water penetration for acidic soils. It improves the uptake of major nutrients for plants growing in acidic soils.
Madagascan Bat Guano from R 215.00
Madagascan Bat Guano is a premium organic flowering and fruiting fertilizer. Bat Guano is a powerful fertilizer as it is generally found in caves and has not yet been leached by rain. It consists of insects and other bat food sources with the remains of the bats themselves. It decomposes quickly and builds up in a slightly acidic layer on the floor of the cave.  Guano has lost its popularity due to the cheaper chemical fertilizers on the market but it is slowly gaining its status back as the environmental damage caused by chemical fertilizers has become increasingly evident. Bat Guano is completely environmentally friendly, which will significantly improve any soil to which it is added and will increase the flavor and quality of the product as well as increase disease resistance. Due to the high phosphate, it is prized as a flowering and fruiting fertilizer that can greatly improve your flowering and fruiting set with higher yields. Madagascan Bat Guano is specially selected and is amongst the richest in the world. Very high in calcium and phosphorus and has significant amounts of nitrogen and potassium as well as a broad range of other macro and micronutrients.  Directions for use: When used as an amendment or for preparing your super soil or living craft soil use one teaspoon (15ml) per liter of soil. To brew Guano Tea you would use one tablespoon (15ml) per liter of water. Use as a top dressing, dig lightly into the soil as required, and water in the bat guano. Use your discretion on the amount you use, less is always more when it comes to adding fertilizers or amendments. NPK 3-13-4 N - 29g/kg P - 60g/kg K - 34g/kg Ca - 170g/kg S - 37g/kg  
Diatomaceous Earth R 70.00
  Diatomaceous Earth is an all-natural and organic product that can help grow you a beautiful and healthy garden. There are many uses for diatomaceous earth but the garden diatomaceous earth can be used as an insecticide.  Diatomaceous earth works great to get rid of insects such as: Aphids Thrips Ants Mites  Bed Bugs Snails Slugs To these insects, diatomaceous earth is a lethal dust with microscopic sharp edges which cuts through these insects' protective covering and dries them out. We recommend that you apply it as a wettable form to avoid airborne dust particles. Even then we recommend that you wear a mask as a precaution.  For the spraying application of diatomaceous earth, we recommend that the diatomaceous earth is mixed at 1 cup per gallon of water. (236.5ml per 2L of water) Keep the mix agitated to make sure it stays well mixed with the water for the application.  The mix can also be applied as a paint of sort to trees and shrubs as needed.   Weight: 1.25kg
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Gypsum R 50.00 R 60.00
Gypsum is a very cost-effective soil conditioner which is also great for correcting the high soil sodium (Na)  Great for raising the calcium content in soil without affecting the intrinsic pH balance in the soil. Benefits: Loosens heavy soils/clay allowing water to penetrate and aerate the soil. Great supplement of calcium and sulphate readily available for the uptake of plants. Improves the natural structure of soil by removing excess sodium. Eliminates surface crusting.   Available in 5kg  
Super Frass R 260.00
Super Frass is an organic plant growth enhancer and pesticide. It's a natural, high-quality organic soil additive that stimulates. regenerates and protects your plants. Super Frass contains a living ecosystem, introducing beneficial bacteria and fungi into your growing environment to help rejuvenate and regenerate your soil. Packed with macro-elements ( N, P, K) and micro-nutrients ( ZN, Cu, etc), Which enable your plants to grow robust. It also contains Chitin, a natural molecule that helps plants to defend themselves against disease pathogens and predators, such as root-feeding nematodes. Also help with water retention, meaning you use less water. Contains cellulosic fibres that bind nutrients for a slow-release benefit. Ideal for flowers, vegetables, fruits, and lawns.  What is super frass? 'Frass' is the term used to describe the castings (poop) and exoskeletons left behind after insects larvae are removed from a compost pile. Frass is loaded with far more nutrients than ordinary soil and is typically used to stimulate plant growth. It can be used on the farm, in home gardens, or even for house plants.  What is Chitin? Unlike most traditional growth enhancers, BSFL frass contains chitin. A protein found in the exoskeletons of insects. Because plants and insects have evolved together over millions of years, plants can detect the presents of chitin in soil. This informs them that insects are present, causing the plants to drastically increase their defence against potential predators. The result is a plant with stronger cell walls, reinforced structures, and healthier, larger leaves. So, the presence of chitin causes plants to develop defences against insects, which greatly increase the healthy and vitality of your plant. Why is Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) loaded with nutrients? Black Soldier Fly Larvae have enormous appetites and rapidly convert food waste into castings. This means they break down the tough fibres of plant material while releasing the bound nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium locked within. While they consume a large portion of these nutrients as they grow, they also excrete an equal amount into the frass produced.    General Usage & Instructions:  Instructions: Lightly sprinkle the required dosage of Superfrass over the soil surrounding the plant and immediately water. Dosage: Use 4 parts per water per 1 part Superfrass. (400ml of water for every 100g of superfrass)  Apply every two weeks. Fruit trees - 160-180g per whole. Established Vines - 1000-1500 kg per hectare. Established Tress - 550g per tree. Vegetables - 500-1000 kg per hectare. Scrubs - 100g per scrub. Flower Beds - 150g per square meter. Lawns - 100-200g per square meter. Roses - 150g per plant. Cannabis - 200g per plant. Contents: Total % C - 42.9 N - 4.19 S - 0.97 P - 2.5' K - 2.41 Ca - 0.64 Mg - 0.13 Na - 1.67 Total (MG/KG) Cu - 12 Zn - 48 Fe - 471 Mn - 13 B - 7   15dcm3 of Super Frass  
Black Soldier Fly Frass from R 70.00
This Super Frass can boost your soil microbial life and plant resistance. Frass is a micro-life-friendly gardening additive with bioactive cell food. Full of beneficial microbes and fungi. Macro and micro-nutrients are abundant. Builds plants natural insect immunity (Due to chitin; Chitin provides an ideal environment for soil microbes the produce enzymes known to digest root nematodes How to use frass: Sprinkle 200ml of Enormus Bud Frass, together with 750ml of water, Apply monthly. Before applying insect frass to your garden, it's usually best to pre-mix it into soil or compost. If your plants are already growing you can mix some insect frass in water and let it soak for several hours. Then, use it to drench the plants to the roots of your plants in soil or the growing medium. For best results- Add 2ml of Enormus Bud Bioactive Cell Food to your water first. Made from pure organic Frass (Black Soldier Fly Larvae) - (Similar to vermicast worm castings from earthworms) All Natural - No synthetic chemicals or preservatives.
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